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Her Campus Style


Left: America’s Next Top Model @mameadjei4 in @samanthaleibowitzny  Fanny Leotard

Right: America’s Next Top Model @thisishadassah in @samanthaleibowitzny Genna Skirt


Left: @brielle_music in @samanthaleibowitzny Genna Swing Skirt + custom top                     

Right: @gitacellei Host of @distracttv in @samanthaleibowitzny custom two piece outfit 


Left: artist @dalalmusic in @samanthaleibowitzny Taylor Shift Dress

Right: left actress @annaengerritch in @samanthaleibowitzny Mirna Dress right artist @dalalmusic in  @samanthaleibowitzny custom two piece



ABC10 Sac + Co Host in @samanthaleibowitzny Lynne Classic Dress