Concrete Jungle

We, New Yorkers, live on this island filled with millions of unique people surrounded by back to back buildings. We walk quickly past each other, every day, rushing to and from work, home, the gym, and we never stop to just take a second to breathe and enjoy every little amazing thing that we are surrounded by. We live in a concrete jungle and sometimes even I forget that there’s an entire world outside of Manhattan, that there are people who greet each other, and take their time to get to wherever it is that they are going.

I just like every other person in the city look down at my phone that is always glued to my hand, leave my condo, rush to my appointments and then rush just to get back home again. Sometimes I force myself to put the phone away and be more alert about everyone and everything around me. Although it may seem like we are, we aren’t animals living in this concrete jungle, we are humans. I know we have jobs, families, pets, friends and so many other distractions in life, but remember to take a step back and enjoy this place because there is nothing else like it in the world!

My favorite part of living in New York City is that I am surrounded by fashion, unique architecture, and amazing food!

I love the amazing roof top views and how one building can overlook the city in four different directions! My husband and I are very lucky to have such a gorgeous rooftop that overlooks the Hudson River, downtown, uptown, and Central Park. I utilize this area during every season to design special photoshoots. In the spring, I love to bring in a floral spring vibe, in summer I have done my engagement shoot, in fall I made piles of leaves to jump into and now before winter is coming to a close I designed a special scene where the tree branches are dead, the grass is yellow, but the sun shines so bright over the dry winter land. This collection that I designed was shot by Photographer, Max Gold. Welcome to my, Concrete Jungle:


Photographer: Max Gold

Jumpsuit: Revolve Clothing

Faux Fur Coat: Blank NYC

Purse: Betsey Johnson

Shoes: Vivienne Westwood

“A Bad day in New York City is still a good day anywhere else.” –Anonymous