Dress to Impress: Wedding Guest Looks

When spring and summer hit, my husband and I prepare for what we call, “Wedding Season,” however, let’s be honest at this stage of our lives every season feels like wedding season! I have to say though; we love attending weddings. Ever since our wedding in June 2018, we have taken full advantage at our friends and families weddings by dancing and drinking the night away surrounded by friends and family. There is just something special about getting all dolled up and watching two people enjoy every moment of what my husband and I look back to every day from our wedding day.

I know it is really hard to not just toss a black gown or cocktail dress on for these events, but take a step back and think, “Do I really want to be matching every other woman in the room or do I want to dress up to be my own unique self?” This past year I decided to prove a point to myself and wear fun colors to all of our spring and summer weddings. If you are going to wear a black gown then at least bring in some color details like red or gold with your clutch, lips, jewelry and shoes!


How I Style My Wedding Looks:

  1. I like to pick my dress color first.
  2. I then pick the style, cut and length of the dress.
  3. I love to match my mani and pedi to my earrings, necklace, bracelets, clutch and lip color.
  4. After picking the color scheme I can pick out my shoes and accessories to match!

This Seasons Example:


  1. I knew I wanted to wear a champagne gown to a wedding we had this summer.
  2. It was a black-tie occasion so of course I found a shimmering champagne gown.
  3. I chose a pink ombré color scheme.
    1. Nails-Hot Pink
    2. Earrings-ombrélight pink to coral to hot pink
    3. Clutch-Coral
    4. Necklace-Hot Pink + Gold
    5. Shoes- Pink Champagne
    6. Lip-Deep Coral
  4. Shoes should always be comfortable and easy to walk in and your purse should always be dainty and light weight.





92D224FE-95F9-4799-8E1A-1A27C1A2D87FJust a little tip girlies, black tie optional means wear a gown! Who doesn’t want to wear a gown if they are given the opportunity to do so? I take full advantage of wedding season by enjoying the chance to wear a gown. I think if it was normal I would wear a trendy yet unique gown every day of my life, but I don’t think that is happening anytime soon. Shucks!

 “It’s not just another dress. It’s the dress you’ll remember forever.” –Vera Wang American Bridal and Fashion Designer