The Month of Birthdays

The month of November has always been very special to me since today the 25th is my birthday, but this year there are two more reasons to add to the specialty of this month. For starters, our baby girl Toy Schnauzer Miss Chanel or as we love to call her Nelly-Bien turned one on the 18th. She has brought so much love, happiness, playfulness and of course pup fashion into our home and my husband and I are so lucky to have such a special girl! 

PRH07440Werble-1532FAEA8DBut….. this month also marks one year since the launch of the Trendy Ambitious Blonde Blog going live!!!!! Can you believe it has been a year already?! So much hard work, dedication, time and fashion have gone into the making of this blog and I have all of you to thank for following my fashion, beauty and lifestyle journey as a blogger. 


I remember last November as I anxiously posted my first ten blogs. I was so nervous and excited at the same time to see where this journey would take me. One year later, I have had the opportunity to attend the last two seasons of NYFW, fly out to Paris for PFW, photoshoot daily, attend amazing influencer and blogger events, meet amazing new blogging friends, and continue my love of writing, working from home and the best part fashion! 



I have spent the last 13 years in the fashion industry, but this past year has changed me. I have learned the importance of a social presence, photoshoot etiquette, knew editing tips and more. Now as I write the one year birthday blog and reminisce on this happy month, I am excited to announce that in the new year, I will be launching my E-Book on editing tips and tricks along with all of the best apps to make you the best influencer and blogger you can be! 


Werble-1519E25BA5Thank you for following my runway this past year and get excited for the next year to come my Trendy Ambitious Fashionistas. 




P.S. Thank you to the most loving and supportive husband in the world, Mr. B for helping me follow my dreams, taking photos everywhere we go, wearing whatever outfit I toss your way and for supporting me through my fashion journey. You’re the best handsome and I love you! Thank you to the most talented, creative photographer Amanda for helping me create every vision. You have been an amazing friend, and I am lucky to have someone in my life with your talent, skills, passion and love! 


“If you want to be original, be ready to be copied.” –Coco Chanel Designer