Live In Levi’s

Every day, we wear iconic brands like Levi’s, but have you ever thought about the history of the brand, why they launched and who originated the “blue jeans?”

Levi Strauss opened up his doors during the Gold Rush in San Francisco in 1853 and has changed the world creating what we call today, Blue Jeans. The original denim was designed for hardworking people. Strauss and tailor, Jacob Davis, designed a tough denim from copper rivet. The first denim designed was actually overalls in 1873! Miners, cowboys, rebels, rock stars, presidents and the average woman and man utilized this denim product in their works lives, which then turned into everyday lives. According to the Levi’s brand, “Levi’s are more than that, they’re the purest wearable form of authentic self-expression. They bear the markings of life, shapes of our bodies, the memories of our adventures.”

As a global leader in jeans, Levi Strauss & Co. now has over 500 stores worldwide in over 100 countries. To learn more about the history of Levi’s denim click here.

I recently had the opportunity to join the Levi’s family in a photoshoot. It was a pleasure to bring in my creative mind as a digital creator and a creative director together to design an amazing shoot.

As a creative director, I wanted to bring the look of the American Man. I wanted to share with the world how diverse, unique and amazing each man is, especially while wearing the ultimate classic American denim brand.


Sometimes when creating a shoot, it is important to bring in a little extra creativity and look through a different eye. I worked with Empire actor, Jeremy L. Carver, to look at the modern aspect of what a Levi’s man is in the new Levi’s generation.





Last but not least, the most important aspect of what Levi’s means to me is family. We are living in a time that we do not know what is going to come next. The government has created so many sanctions on us as American’s and especially as New Yorkers during COVID-19. Right now, family and safety is most important and I truly feel that Levi’s represents a family brand. I ended my shoot with the only two people and pup that I would ever want to be quarantined with. In a time of darkness here is a little bit of happiness to make you realize all that you are thankful to have.





Side note here are a few more photos from the shoot and check out the Levi’s website today for 30% off and free shipping! Click here.









“Objects are what matter. Only they carry the evidence that throughout the centuries something really happened among human beings.” –Levi Strauss Denim Designer