Trend Report-Smoke Grenade’s Photoshoot

I have to say this was by far one of the best shoots I have ever done. Between picking the smoke colors, styling my outfit, hair and make-up and picking the location style, we had a lot of fun creating this magical shoot. Since I have been in the suburbs of Philadelphia for the last fourteen weeks with COVID-19, I decided to take advantage of the Pennsylvania laws that you can set off smoke grenades on private property. For the last few years I had always envisioned this shoot in the woods, and have been waiting for the correct moment and photographer to create my vision. I was lucky enough to work with my wedding photographer Tessa Marie Images, who is now also doing commercial work. Her energetic vibe and edgy shooting style truly pulled my vision together beautifully!

I decided to go with a rainbow vibe when we shot this last month as I knew I wanted it to represent Pride month! Tessa and I worked hard to shoot this at the perfect time of day and perfect angle of the sun. I am here today to share with you tips and tricks that I learned from my first smoke grenade shoot.

Tips + Tricks

  1. Shoot with the sun behind you around an early sunset time of 6:00pm
  2. Tessa set up a light behind me to catch the smoke perfectly
  3. Keep the smoke grenade as far from your face as you can because you will inhale it by accident
  4. You only have 90 seconds to shoot one color, so use it wisely
  5. Poses with arm movement definitely creates a cooler shot
  6. Take as little breaths as possible, but remember to smile or “smize” as you are still being shot
  7. Remember to keep moving. High to low shots come out really nice
  8. If you have blue eyes, you might want to buy an extra blue smoke grenade as my eyes came out like fire blue! (same thing for green eyes)
  9. Definitely purchase the white smoke grenade, it created a flawless black and white image
  10. If for some reason you pull the wire and it doesn’t work, pop the cap off and use a lighter to get the smoke to release

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