What’s In My Purse: Hospital Bag Edition

Trying to decide what to pack in your hospital bag?! Don’t worry, I’m here to help! I know it can be extremely overwhelming and you may be wondering if you packed enough or if you over packed, but honestly it is always better to have more items than not enough. Do not forget you are packing for yourself, your partner and your baby. 


Bag- Having a carry-on suitcase with wheels is extremely convenient so you do not have to carry anything when you are rushing into the hospital. I also had a small duffle that sat on top so that I could quickly access items like my administrative paperwork.

Administrative- In my small duffle I had a folder that had a copy of my license, insurance card, pediatrician information and my birth plan. It was important to have multiple copies of your birth plan so that each nurse was informed of your choices. 

Clothes- If you are planning to breast feed then be sure to pack a nursing bra. I really enjoyed having my own jersey robe and hospital gown. To go home I wore a knit long sleeve and loose leggings to be extra comfy. I wore slippers to the hospital and had flip flops in the car just in case. The hospital provides postpartum items, but I preferred bringing a few of my own. Fuzzy socks with the grip on the bottom were awesome and I was really happy to have pajamas that were oversized. 

Toiletries- I highly recommend that you bring all of your own toiletries. Let’s be honest who really wants to use the hospitals shower stuff? Here is my list of travel sized toiletries that I brought….

  1. Contacts, glasses and eye drops 
  2. Toothbrush and toothpaste
  3. Facewash and face wipes
  4. Deodorant
  5. Shampoo and conditioner
  6. Dry shampoo (this came in handy because I ended up not being at the hospital long enough to shower)
  7. Hair ties and pack extra!!!
  8. Lotion
  9. Lip balm
  10. Nipple cream if you are planning to breastfeed 
  11. Hair brush

Extras- I went to five below and bought a birth ball and hand pump that we actually used as soon as I was checked into my room. I highly recommend bringing your own pillow because it makes you feel more comfortable throughout the entire process. As I said before I did not end up showering at the hospital, but I left a towel in my car just in case because the hospital towels were extremely tiny. Do not forget your water bottle! The nursing staff was amazing at bringing a pitcher multiple times a day and it was super nice having my bottle ready to be filled. 


Clothes- Your partner really does not need much. Sweatshirt and sweatpants in case it is chilly at the hospital as well as clean boxers, socks, an outfit to go home in and flip flops are super convenient. 

Toiletries- Your partner really only needs deodorant and a toothbrush since you pretty much have anything else they need. 


Clothes- Your baby spends most of its time in the hospital outfit, diapers and their swaddle so all you really need is your own soft swaddle, a burping cloth, a hat or bow and a going home outfit. I had my baby two weeks early so I packed a newborn and a 0-3 month. I honestly wish I had a premie outfit in the end!

Extras- We left the car seat in the car until it was time to go home. The hospital does provide a pacifier, but it is a good idea to have one just in case. If you are planning to use a specific formula, then be sure to pack it with bottles. 

Other Items

Electronics- It was very important to have two, ten feet long phone chargers for you and your partner. The outlets are never in a convenient spot. We packed a portable bluetooth speaker, which we did end up using during labor. We packed an ipad as well. My husband and I both had a set of headphones. He used them to watch shows on the ipad when I was sleeping. 

Nurses- Your nurses are working really hard and it is nice to make a little goodie bag for them. I took mini mason jars and put candy in them with a cute little note. 

Snacks- The cafeteria and room service is only open during certain hours so be sure to pack a few of your favorite snacks and drinks. 

Download my template below to help you check off each item as you prepare your hospital bag! 

“I get ideas about what’s essential when packing my suitcase.” –Diane Von Furstenberg Belgian Fashion Designer