Welcome To The Jungle

Before I was even pregnant, I knew exactly what I wanted my baby’s nursery theme to be. I loved the idea of a Modern Jungle and Safari themed room so that my Little Bien felt young, wild and free. I could picture the entire room filled with strong and loving animals like lions and elephants. I figured if I had a little boy the room was done and perfect and if I had a little girl I would add a little pink, but for the most part I really wanted a neutral room with gray and white as the main colors and hints of matte black detail. I wanted the room filled with greenery.

Well, it may have taken a while to get here, but about a week before Miss Ryann Sawyer was born, I finished her room as gender neutral as I possibly could to fill my exact dream of a Modern Jungle and Safari nursery. Once she was born and we found out we had a sweet little girl, I still wanted to add minimal light pink detail without taking away from the gorgeous modern feel of her nursery. The only three items that brought a little pink into the room is her name sign above her crib, her acrylic birth announcement and her floral jungle mobile. 

I wanted a bookshelf with all of her books she will collect to be in rainbow order because she was my two-time rainbow baby and I think it will be great for her color learning development. I also am obsessed with Ryann’s Bowtique on the door of her closet. 

I am so excited to share Ryann’s nursery because it was literally a dream come true. Her room is not only beautifully decorated, but it was done affordably and functionally to suit all of our needs. 

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“The world is a jungle, you either fight or run forever.” -anonymous