Plaid Pumpkin Brunch

Another year and another pumpkin brunch! This year we had 16 kids and I must say a very successful Plaid Pumpkin Brunch! If you are new to following my journey, I started a tradition when we lived in NYC where everyone wore plaid and brought their favorite pumpkin food to brunch. What started out as a fun adult tradition with fun cocktails, turned into a suburbs tradition and lots of kiddos! Ryann decided this year it was her Pumpkin Party 😝

So as per usual, everyone wore their favorite plaid outfits, brought their favorite pumpkin foods and the kids decorated their pumpkins. Ryann was really excited the morning of and decorated her pumpkin table so it was ready for all of her friends to enjoy, while Liam took a nap!

The list of food goes on and on! DM me if you would like recipes or inspiration! Xoxo

I Plaid-allegiance to the Fall!

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