Favorite Affordable Sunglasses

Sunglasses are one of my absolute favorite accessories! There are so many different shapes, colors, and details that are put into each style, which makes them unique. I love each and every one of my designer sunglasses; however, we all know that can get a bit on the pricey side. To compensate for that I have to tell you all about my top three favorite affordable sunglass brands!

Youthly has designed over 100 pairs of trendy sunglasses. They have created a line for the everyday, powerful woman, who doesn’t want to spend too much on her sunnies, but wants the designer look. Some of their featured styles include: Funky Hearts, Future Vibes, Shiny Mirrors, and Color Tinted. Each style also comes in a few different colors, as well giving you multiple options to choose from! I tested out three pairs this Fall and let me tell you they are all comfortable, unique, chic, and lightweight. Since they have such amazing pricing, (all sunglasses are under $20) dip your toes in the water and give them a try! Use code SPECIAL20 to receive 20% off your order

photo @fashion.fun.photography sunglasses @beyouthly

This month I also tested out a new brand called ILYMIX. Every single pair is $39; however, I am teaming up with the ILYMIX team and giving you all $15 off your orders bringing them down to only $24 per pair! Featuring hundreds of fashion-forward shades, there is no way you will not find a few pairs to add to your shopping cart! I had such a hard time picking out which pairs I wanted to test out because they had so many awesome options. (Shout out to my cousin Anna for helping me narrow them down.) 

Nineties sunglasses are another movement this season and I cannot stop collecting them all! I took my 90s girl instincts and decided to feature my top 3 favorites at ILYMIX. They designed a pair called Retro 90s Thin Cat Eye Sunglasses. This pair specifically caught my eye because it created a mix between a cat eye and a 90s thin rectangle.


photo @olivenyhumans sunglasses @ilymix

Anyone else obsessed with the heart eyes? Of course, I picked out the Novelty Heart Shape Sunglasses in white with black lenses. White sunglasses have been a color lately that I have decided to go outside my comfort zone and wear. They match almost everything anyway so why not enjoy something bright on your face!


photo @olivenyhumans sunglasses @ilymix

The last pair that I picked is without a doubt my favorite pair. They remind me of the Chanel Round Sunglasses with the pearl circles framing the top of the eye, except the Adri by ILYMIX designed them in my favorite color pink with gold framing and white and deep pink detail! I doubt I will ever want to takes these bad girls off!


photo @olivenyhumans sunglasses @ilymix

Have you checked out Steve Madden’s latest accessories line?! This company known for its shoes, has recently stepped up their game in the sunglass world and are now selling chic new styles! Guess what? Each pair is only $36 and lately I have noticed a lot of random 30% off codes on their website taking them down to about $25. Each style is on point with the latest sunglasses trends that the high-end designers are showing.

Right now, everyone is in love with colorful, unique-shaped shades and Steve Madden has truly taken the next step to give you this exact style. I have been planning my outfits around a few of these specifically. My absolute favorite pair right now is the cloud shape in white. They are lightweight, retro cat eye sunnies that evoke a statement on past styles from past eras.

Another trend that we have been seeing a lot of lately is the pastel colored lenses. It may seem weird that someone can directly see your eyes through the lenses; however, they are great for having just the right amount of coverage for the sun. My favorite feeling is being able to walk down to the subway or run in a store and not have to keep moving my sunglasses up and down to see. Steve Madden designed a pair that has an angular cat eye with a plastic frame. I of course had to be the bold woman that I am and go immediately for the red frames with light blue lenses. I love wearing these as a statement piece to bring in whatever red is on my apparel!

photo @fashion.fun.photography sunglasses @stevemadden

Sunglasses are all unique to each of our face shapes, but the best part about them is that they are seasonless! Sunglasses can be worn all year around and that is why I love to collect them! Check out my new sunglasses holder from Amazon. It features a lid so that they can be stored in a drawer, but the lid also works also as a back stand and holds up to 18 pairs!IMG_0547


  1. Youthly use code SPECIAL20

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