Let’s Get Minty: Holiday Peppermint Sugar Scrub

The cold weather is officially hitting Manhattan, which calls for one thing: HIBERNATION SEASON!

Are you looking for an easy DIY holiday gift or an activity to do while you are home in this cold? Well, here is a super quick and easy peppermint sugar scrub recipe to make for your friends as a holiday gift or even just for your own bubble bath.

When this weather turns, my favorite thing to do is to take a bubble bath with this refreshing scrub!

Sugar scrubs add moisture to your skin creating a baby soft feel, especially with this dry winter weather. Using peppermint is a great way to relax the body and enjoy yourself during this crazy holiday season.

ingredients peppermint sugar scrubSweet Ingredients:

2 cups of granulated sugar (really any sugar works)

¼ cup of almond oil or melted coconut oil

2 drops of natural red food coloring (totally optional for a colorful look)

10 drops of peppermint essential oil(eucalyptus or tea tree oil work as well!)

10 drops of vanilla essential oil

Let’s Get Minty:

  • Pick out two bowls and place one cup of sugar in each bowl
  • Add the almond oil to both sets of bowls to create a soft consistency but do not make the sugar too wet
  • Stir the oil and sugar together
  • Pick one of the sugar, oil bowls and place 2 drops of red food coloring in it and mix it together
  • In the pink mixture add in 10 drops of the peppermint essential oil
  • In the white mixture add in 10 drops of vanilla essential oils
  • Now pick a container or a mason jar and add a layer of the pink mixture followed by the white creating a striped effect
  • Continue this process until the container is full (I like to use a spoon to help flatten each layer nicely)

If this is just a sugar scrub for yourself then go enjoy yourself in a bubble bath with a cup of peppermint tea to compliment the calm aroma, but if this is a gift then let’s take that next step and make it pretty for your friends and family! I like to tie a red ribbon around the top of the jar to give it the holiday gift look. I also like to tie a candy cane into the ribbon to give it a visual look of what is inside (don’t forget to make sure whomever you are gifting this to knows this is not edible!) Now let’s add a label to the front to make this DIY gift look like it was just purchased from a designer! Below I have added a sheet of labels that I designed on Avery Templates for all of you, my fashionistas to download and use on your peppermint sugar scrub jars.

IMG_0147Peppermint Facts:

 Do you have any idea how amazing peppermint essential oils are for your body? If you ever have muscle or joint pain rub a little on the area that is bothering you and it will create a calming feel instantly. If you are having any sinus or respiratory problems with this cold weather mix together peppermint oil with coconut oil and eucalyptus to create a homemade vapor rub. It can also help boost energy levels, memory and alertness just by using it in a diffuser or taking a whiff of it right out of the bottle. My favorite use is rubbing the oil on your back, neck or temples to alleviate headaches. I personally have migraines pretty frequently and they always come at the worst time. Instead of medicating myself I like to lay down in a dark room and apply it to my temples for a quick natural relief. Peppermint tea is also a great way to start your morning and night. It cleanses your body while also creating a sense of calmness.

Well my powerful women, I hope you and your friends enjoy the peppermint scrub this holiday season! Happy Holidays from your Trendy Ambitious Blonde!

“Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never ever have enough.” –Oprah Winfreymost powerful human on Earth. She built a media empire that has shaped our entire culture.

Mason Jar Labels Avery 18163: drag onto you desktop to save

Peppermint Scrub Jar Labels