You’re Never Too Old For A Birthday Theme

Ever since I was a little girl I have always had a theme for my birthday parties and I’m sure all of you mom’s out there are doing the same for your little girls (I know I will whenever I have children). But who says that has to stop just because you hit a certain age?

Themed events bring people together and give the ability to be creative. Plus, who doesn’t love playing dress up all year long?

I jump at any chance I get to go pick out a fun, unique outfit for a themed birthday or event. Honestly, I usually sprint into my closet as soon as I find out the theme, then start throwing my clothes all over the closet and floor and then I begin to pin my ideas on Pinterest until I create the perfect outfit!

This year on Nov. 25th, I will be turning 26-years-old. Yes, of course I picked out my birthday theme almost two full months in advanced, because I was a bit too excited when the idea came to mind.

Since I am a Thanksgiving baby — as my family calls it — I have never actually gotten to celebrate my birthday with a party on my actual birthday weekend because everyone is home with their families for the holiday (understandable). Ever since we moved to New York my husband hosts my birthday the first weekend in December because, let’s be honest, it’s more exciting to celebrate your birthday after you actually had your birthday. Celebrating my birthday in early November is something I used to do as a kid, but now it is much more exciting after the fact!

If you are going to have a themed party, you need to give your guests at least one or two months’ notice. Your guests need enough time to prepare their outfits in case they need to go shopping. I also always give suggestions or tell people my general outfit idea, without ruining it that is, so that they are more comfortable to go all out! The more guests that go all out the more fun it is to have the theme to begin with.

Twenty six is my first year closer to 30 then 20 so I decided it had to be out there, colorful, glittery and pink. So, any guesses what my 26th birthday theme this year will be?!

Photo Shoes @shutzshoes Skirt @lotusthreads Sweater @garageclothing

Have you ever wondered what Barbie meets Unicorn would look like?! Well on December 1stI highly suggest you check out my insta story to find out how my guests take it. So far I have been hearing my friends suggest holographic leotards, boas, colorful wigs, unicorn horn headbands, sequin dresses and so many more ideas! I may be turning 26, but this internal little girl is letting her inner unicorn barbie come out that night!

I have been preparing my outfit the last month now and I honestly can take this in so many different directions that I don’t even know what to do!

Take a peek below at some of the details I want to try and bring together to create the perfect look.

I’ll leave you with one definite accessory that I will be using that night and that is my Betsey Johnson Don’t Be A Cell Out Purse. The numbers actually light up!

betsey johnson phone purse
Betsey Johnson Don’t Be A Cell Out Purse

Every time I use this light up cell phone purse somehow it ends up against my ear like a real phone.I always say this little back and forth conversation to my husband (and no he does not join in I’m just talking to myself):

“Hi-ya Barbie!”

“Hi Ken!”

“Wanna go for a ride?”

“Sure Ken, jump in.”

I think we all know what comes next!

barbie phone
Betsey Johnson Don’t Be A Cell Out Purse

Some of you might be wondering why does this wacky 26-year-old-to-be wants to have a Barbie meets unicorn birthday theme, right? The first thing to know about this Trendy Ambitious Blonde is that I love the color pink and glitter is my obsession.

If you don’t follow Barbiestyle on Instagram, then you need to because she shows trends in a really cool Barbie Girl way. She designs to inspire! These Barbie’s are real life people and designers in Barbie looks and I love it!

barbie unicorn books
Book Covers of Barbiestyle + Be More Unicorn

According to the book Be More Unicorn, “Unicorns are magical, fabulous, enigmatic, powerful, graceful, chimeric, playful, fierce, innocent and fulfilling.” Powerful is definitely my favorite word choice to describe unicorns, but magical is really what caught my attention. We as humans always use our imagination and want to believe. Believing that we live in a magical world is what makes a creative person.

The combination of Barbie’s and unicorns creates a trendy, stylish, magical, fabulous birthday theme if you ask me!

We’re all just living in a Barbie world where life in plastic is fantastic! Keep a look out on December 1ston my insta story to vote for the best dressed Barbie Unicorn!

“Girls do not dress for boys. They dress for themselves and, of course, each other. If girls dressed for boys they’d just walk around naked at all times.” –Betsey JohnsonAmerican fashion designer known for her unique, exuberant and embellished original designs

Birthday Girl Theme Suggestions:

  1. Barbie
  2. Unicorn
  3. Disney Princess’s
  4. Under the Sea/Mermaids
  5. Black and White Party (birthday girl in red)
  6. Candyland
  7. Ballerina
  8. Shimmer and Shine
  9. Spa Party (pjs, manicures, masks what’s not to love)
  10. Neon