Top 100 Wedding Photos

Planning your wedding is one of the most magical and exciting moments in your life and I am here to share with you the top 100 photos that you need to be prepared to have your photographer take! I even added a few creative ideas for you to consider for those memorable, unique moments.

Getting Ready

This is a special time with your bridesmaids and you will want to take plenty of pictures while you get your hair and make-up done! I had the lead photographer in the room with us while we were getting ready and I sent the assistant photographer to the boy’s room so he had memorable moments getting ready with his boys!

It was really special to have my best friends all in one room before my special day! Don’t forget to distract yourself and have fun with your girlfriends. It is really important to plan ahead for these photos so you can be a little creative. I bought each of my girlies a pair of black silk pajamas with white lace to get ready in and I wore white silk Mrs. pajamas by Kate Spade with black peplum. We came prepared with confetti poppers and custom champagne flutes to use during our photos!


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The Detail Shots

You are definitely going to want to get photos of all of the little details that you both are wearing for your big day! It is important to make a list ahead of time of any details you would like to shoot at this time. We brought our wedding initiation, my Mrs. ring holder box, shoes, purse, wedding bands, engagement ring, his watch and flowers. These are all of the amazing little details that bring your wedding style together as you become man and wife.


The Gown + The Bridesmaid Dresses

Don’t forget to get the oh so classy wedding gown hanging over the window shot! This is a photo you will remember forever. I made sure to purchase a hanger ahead of time that said MRS. BIENSTOCK. I also decided to purchase hangers for my bridesmaids that said their name, their wedding role and wedding date. We used them for a really cool shot of all of the gowns hanging over the window together.


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The Love Notes

We both felt it was important to write a note to each other before the wedding. It was even more special to have our reactions taken on camera so after the wedding we could look back at this special moment. Neither of us read our notes out loud, but it was really romantic to see the others reaction later! We even planned a little gift exchange that the photographer’s helped with.


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First Looks

This is by far the best part of the day, even more exciting then the actual ceremony because it is the first time he gets to see you in the wedding gown and his reaction will for sure be priceless. This is one of the most important photo and video moments of the day and you will remember this for the rest of your life.


The Bridesmaids

We have all seen the movie Bridesmaids, so get ready girls it’s time to work it. Make sure he does the same with is groomsmen and don’t forget the sock photo! I also made sure to get a photo with each bridesmaid separately. Don’t forget to get photos of all of the bridal party together to!


The Décor

Your wedding is finally here and you worked with your planner to design a gorgeous room. The funniest part is that you won’t even care what it looks like when you get there because you will be so excited to officially Mr. + Mrs! Make sure your photographer takes pictures of the reception décor before anyone enters the room so you have the photos to look back on.


Since my husband and I are both in fashion, It was really important to me that I incorporated this in some way. I wanted to show how fashion changes through each generation of our families, so I decided to put on a wedding display that had a photo of each of our grandparent’s weddings and our parent’s weddings. I also put my mother, grandmother and great grandmother’s wedding gowns on mannequins, which you can see below.


The Cake Cutting

I know it seems like common sense, but get pictures of the cake cutting. Some people just do it quietly on the side, but our guests really loved that we brought the cake to the center of the dance floor to show off its unique design while we cut the cake!


The Couple Portraits

You can never have enough photos of the two of you! I promise you this may seem annoying (especially to the groom hehe) but trust me this is a special moment of the two of you together forever and you do not want to miss this. These are the photos you will hang on your walls and have forever so CAPTURE this romantic moment.


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