What’s in my Purse: Beach Bag Edition

I started a new segment here on the blog right before NYFW called “What’s in my Purse.” This week I want to help all of my summer fashionistas traveling to the beach with “What’s in my Purse: Beach Bag Edition!”

Whether you’re vacationing in Europe, hitting the Jersey Shore or spending some time in the Hampton’s I have the perfect beach bag combo for you ladies!

whats in my beach bag

Bag- Obviously you have to pick our your favorite beach bag to our all of your necessities in! Personally I love a good clear bag so it is easy to find what you are looking for. Please make sure when your purchase any PVC clear bag that it is UV protectant so if will not melt! I am so obsessed with my summer ‘10 Michael Kors beach bag from Bloomingdales. I love that it had a little zipper pouch connected inside the bag to toss your wallet or little odds and ends! Guess what?! It happens to be on sale right now. Click >>HERE<< to purchase!

Agave- Nobody wants chapped or burnt lips, (trust me this happened on my most recent trip to Amelia Island and it lasted almost two weeks!) the Agave chapstick by Bite has defiantly saved my lips this summer from the harsh sun. Click >>HERE<< to purchase!

Sunglasses- I always have such a hard time picking out sunglasses since I’m a collector, but my go to pair has to be UV protectant or I will not even bother with them for a beach day. I know we all love to be trendy, but it is so important to protect your eyes! Click >>HERE<< to purchase my favorite Tory Burch sunglasses!

Book- I love to nap while I lay out, but it is always nice to have a good read! Im sure you read previously in my blog about MAN REPELLER founder, Leandra Cohen that I have met her a few times this year. Well I cannot believe that it took me this long, but I am finally reading her book! I love her humor, honesty and bravery as she shares some funny life stories about finding love wearing overalls! Click >>HERE<< to purchase her book!

Head phones- During my layout nap + relaxation time, I really love to listen to my favorite summer hits, or some nice white noise! My go to headphones for the beach are the power 3 beats. They are so comfortable as the pods sit in your ear, plus they have the over the ear safety feature. Click >>HERE<< to purchase!

Phone- Let’s be honest who doesn’t take their phone everywhere?! A little beach photo tip, portrait mode does wonders giving you a gorgeous blurred out background of the ocean while you stand in front. If you’re looking for a good Spotify playlist check out my Women’s Empowered Playlist. Click >>HERE<< to listen!

Snack- Everyone gets hungry and I love to be prepared with a snack or a little sandwich! My go to snacks are Made Good strawberry bites or pretzels!

Water bottle- It is so important to stay hydrated while sun bathing! My favorite water bottle is by far the swell bottle! It comes in a 17 or 25-ounce bottle and it stays cold for over 24 hours!!! Personally I like to keep one for water and one with a little extra something, something….. It’s 5’oclock somewhere! Click >>HERE<< to purchase!

Sun screen- Don’t forget to protect your skin! I always keep Neutrogena’s 30 SPF in my bag in lotion form because it is better for your face. Click >>HERE<< to purchase!

Tanning oil- I always start with sunscreen, but who doesn’t love a little tanning oil. Please make sure it has SPF in it, we do not want any skin damage! My favorite brand is the Banana Boat Dry Oil because it does not feel sticky and I have never been burnt while using it. It also has a lovely smell and no fake dyes in it to tint your skin. Click >>HERE<< to purchase!

Towel- Don’t forget your towel! I think this one is self-explanatory babes!

Wallet- Who doesn’t love a popsicle on the beach! Don’t forget your wallet or you’ll be sitting there super-hot while all of your friends have a cold treat!

Water facial spray- This is one of my favorite beauty products to have in my beach bag! Evian’s hydrating facial sprays delivers a powered micro-droplets or natural mineral water. Do not let the sun dry out your skin! Click >>HERE<< to purchase!

Portable Charger- Who says you’re in any rush to leave the Vitamin D, sand and gorgeous salty view? Do not forget the portable charger so you get the best pictures of your fun day with the best beach bag!

“I need vitamin sea!” –Anonymous