Forbes Magazine Announced Samantha Bienstock as the Only Woman in Five Top-Rated Influencers

For the very first time in fashion history, influencers are running the social media ladder. They are taking over Instagram, front row at New York Fashion Week, and signing large brand collaboration deals. Notable brands, like Hawthorne, are choosing to work with Influencers over celebrities. Instagram though, has changed their algorithm and will be taking away likes and views. Content Creation and Digital Creators are the new influencers on Instagram and the quality of their work is what makes them successful and notable to their followers rather than their engagement rate.

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I am proud to announce that on February 4, 2020 I was selected in the Five Top-Rated Influencers on, which is an honor that public figures do not receive on a daily basis. Not only was I ranked in the top five, but I was the ONLY WOMAN ranked on We are living in a world where women are finally in power, and I am proud to be a #girlboss.

I want to take a minute to thank, Forbes Women, and Editor Joseph DeAcetis. I am beyond honored to represent the Forbes + Hawthorne brand names.


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