You Are Beautiful

Sometimes behind all of that confidence and strength there is a person hiding deep into those eyes who loathes in self-consciousness. I am not one to judge by any means because I am that person along with many others out there in the world who never think they are beautiful, who never feel skinny enough and who always feel self-conscious.


I am writing this blog because I am that person, I am that person who needs to stop comparing myself to every other woman out there. It is so hard to perceive yourself as beautiful when all of the magazines and press out in the world make you feel like you are not beautiful because you aren’t a stick figure with long gorgeous hair and perfect complexion. Yes, most of the time these magazines are using Photoshop or other programs to correct the celebrity or model, but that is not right or fair.


I wish we lived in a world where we didn’t feel the need to correct every negative part of our body, where we didn’t feel the need to be self-conscious or where we didn’t feel the need to not be beautiful in our own way. I am here to remind you today that YOU ARE UNIQUE AND YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, and do not let anyone tell you otherwise!


I have never struggled with an eating disorder, thank goodness, and I am so sorry if you are a woman who has, but I struggle every day trying to make myself feel skinny and perfect. Let me tell you it is not easy because you are always going to be your biggest critique. One day I feel amazing, fit, and beautiful while other days I feel heavy and hideous. It is really hard to pull myself together when I do not feel beautiful and perfect. I have to remind myself every day and every night how hard I am on myself and how it is never going to get me anywhere. I am a healthy 27-year-old woman who eats very well, works out very hard and takes amazing care of my skin.


Even as I sit here writing this blog, I realize I am always judging myself every morning when I wake up and get dressed and it has to stop. Today I started something new and will continue to do so every morning. I find the best part about myself and remind myself how beautiful I really am, how strong and independent I have become and how amazing and lucky I am to be healthy in a global pandemic. Stop and smell the roses ladies because being hard on yourself has never gotten you anywhere. We need to remember we are all beautiful in our own unique way and continuing to be hard on yourself is not fair.



Since I am a very confident yet self-conscious person, I took some time over quarantine at my most vulnerable moments to take some photos to remind myself how beautiful and strong I really am. When I first looked at the images with my husband he kept telling me how beautiful I looked, but I kept pointing out all of my flaws in each image. It took writing this blog for me to realize I am beautiful and unique and that I cannot be this hard on myself anymore. When I went to look at the images for a second time, I looked at all of my positives and realized I no longer want to be the woman who is judging herself, I want to be the woman who makes every other woman in the world feel beautiful within her own body and I encourage all of you beautiful women to do the same. Take a moment out of your day and look in the mirror because YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!



“The beauty of a woman is not in a facial mode, but the true beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul.” –Audrey Hephburn British Actress and Fashion Icon