Baby Announcement Ideas

When it comes to picking a theme for your baby announcement photoshoot, the list of ideas could be endless. The next decision you have to make is how big or small you want to go and if you want to be in the photo, use props or even your pup! I am here to share with theme ideas and layout ideas to help you get started.

Theme Ideas:

  1. If you are planning to announce around a specific holiday go with that! For example, we announced to our parents only on New Year’s! We used our New Year’s card and wrote, “We are popping a different kind of bottle this New Year’s Eve!” Holidays are an easy theme to run with! I recently saw a bunch of post for St. Patrick’s Day this past March. Here are a few holiday puns for ya!
    • 4th of July- “Red, white and due….”
    • St. Patrick’s Day- “We’re so luck to say that baby (last name) is on it’s way”
    • Thanksgiving- “There’s more than a turkey in the oven this year”
    • Christmas- “Trading our silent nights for a bundle of joy”
    • Hanukkah- “Eight nights of celebrations, none months of anticipations”
    • New Year’s- “We are popping a different kind of bottle this New Year’s Eve”
    • Valentine’s Day- “Roses are red, love is sweet, our family is growing by two little feet”
  2. Think about your favorites. Do you love coffee? Do you love the beach? Do you love flowers? What is your favorite sport? There are so many funny baby announcement puns you can use based off of your everyday favorite activities! Here are just a few examples…..
    • Coffee- “It’s time to spill beans”
    • Baseball- “Curve ball coming…”
    • Covid- “We didn’t practice social distancing”
    • Outdoors/Hike- “Our next greatest adventure”
    • Donuts- “We’re adding a munchkin to our order”
    • Flowers- “Blooming soon”
    • Pets- “My pawrents are getting me a human”
  3. My last suggestion when coming up with a baby announcement theme is to think about if you have a last name that can be creatively used. Whether it could be used for a rhyme, or it sounds similar to another word for a good pun. My last name is Bienstock, so we used, “It’s time to spill the BIENS,” for a coffee shop photo. 

The list goes on and on! If you are ever looking for an idea reach out to me on Instagram! I would love to help create your magical announcement that you share with the world. This moment is so exciting and if you are anything like me you want it to be creative, personal and perfect all at once!

Photo Styles:

If you are a little camera shy, do not worry you do not have to be in the photo! Use a letter board for the announcement part, add in a onesie, your ultrasound and maybe a pacifier, baby shoes or stuffed animal as a little prop. Flay lays are a cute easy way to share your big news.

If you have a dog, cat or any other pet that you want in the photo with or without you add them in to! We found a cute little sign that said, “My parents are getting me a human!” There are plenty of cute bandanas for dogs as well on Etsy or Amazon. We took photos with and without us with our pup Nelly. I still recommend having your ultrasound and at least a onesie in the photo as well to really get the point across. 

Finally, if you are comfortable in front of the camera, then go for it! My husband and I had a good time shooting a few different photo types for our announcement. A few poses I recommend…..

  • Holding up your onesie and ultra sound as well as wear any props like a dad hat, matching mom and dad shirts, mugs etc!
  • Have your partner kissing your belly or kissing your head is also a really cute shot!
  • Make sure you capture one of the you kissing each other. Remember even if you don’t use them all for your baby announcement, they are photos you will always have from the adventure of taking your first pregnancy photos!

I personally could not make my mind up, but wanted to incorporate three themes into our announcement, “spill the biens,” “adventure of a lifetime,” and “rainbow baby.” So, we did! I took three separate photoshoots just like I wanted and here is the final grouping from each of the three shoots!

It’s time to spill the BIENS, as we start the adventure of a lifetime with Rainbow Baby Bienstock! Coming September 2021!

“Photography, as a powerful medium of expression and communications, offers an infinite variety of perception and execution.” –Ansel Adams photographer