Pregnancy Brain, It’s A Real Thing

If you have ever been pregnant and have experienced Pregnancy Brain, then you totally know what I am talking about and if you haven’t, then let me tell you, IT’S A REAL THING!!!!! 

According to Urban Dictionary, Pregnancy Brain is an anecdotal mental state that overtakes women after the first couple months of pregnancy that causes even well composed women to become disorganized and forgetful beyond the any otherwise explainable state. Other than intermittent cognitivelapses, the woman is normally functional. The state is usually temporary, disappearing immediately post-natal but can recur through multiple pregnancies.

I am normally the most functional, organized, cognitive person who is well aware of their surrounds and never forgets anything…..and I mean literally I remember everything. Who knew as early as sixteen weeks pregnant I would start to forget the silliest things, like misplacing my engagement ring and wedding bands! 

The first-time Pregnancy Brain took over was funny, nerve racking and my husband thought I was going crazy, but if I am being honest I totally thought I was going crazy to. That morning I had pulled out all of my toiletries as we were about to leave for the weekend. So that being said, the entire bathroom counter was covered with cosmetics. 

When I get ready in the morning before I shower, I take off my rings and put them in my ring holder on the bathroom counter. Well that morning I took my rings off and got washed as I normally would and was a little delayed getting in the shower because Mama was hungry and I had to put a load of laundry in. Anytime I do laundry I leave my rings on the counter in the laundry room and sometimes before my shower I leave my rings on my night table ring holder. 

After I showered I continued with my regular routine, when I realized my rings were not sitting in my ring holder on the bathroom counter. I didn’t panic by any means I just checked my night table holder and yet again, they weren’t there. I then walked to the laundry room and guess what, THEY WEREN’T THERE! Okay so honestly I wasn’t panicked because I knew myself too well, I would never just put my rings down anywhere, but I was kind of laughing concerned at this point. 

So, I yelled down to my husband and told him to come upstairs and help me find them. We retraced my steps to the bathroom, laundry room and night table and showed him that they weren’t there. Well, within minutes of him staring at the bathroom counter filled with all of my cosmetics that I was planning to pack was my jar of ring cleaner that does not ever get packed. 

Yep, as I normally would before we go away for a weekend, I wanted to have sparkly rings and put them in the cleaner. Normally I get right in the shower, so I would not have forgotten them in there however, it took an hour to get washed, get the laundry in and have breakfast before showering and in that time frame I completely forgot that is where I put them! 

Every time I look back at this moment I laugh, I realize that no matter how much pregnancy brain affects me, I am smart and always put things down in the right place, especially something so valuable. I may have not been observant, but at least the back of my brain works! Thank goodness my husband knows me so well that I do not pack ring cleaner. 

Just another funny story for you all. Last week I was showering before bed. As I normally would once a month, I put my purple shampoo in my hair, which I usually leave in for a maximum of three to five minutes. I got distracted talking to my husband who was getting ready for bed and thought I had my conditioning hair mask in my hair. I normally leave my hair mask in for ten minutes, so I did not even think twice as to what was in my hair since I rarely use the purple shampoo. Well within seconds my husband heard my yell, “OH S***!” I was so busy talking to him that I thought my it was my hair mask that I use every shower. Well, when I got out of the shower and blow dried my hair I had a few purple streaks in there! Thank goodness it comes out after a few washes!  

A few other silly little Pregnancy Brain things that keep happening are I am constantly leaving the oven and stove on after cooking, but don’t worry I normally before I finish eating I remember to turn them off and I am always opening the fridge or a cabinet and cannot remember what I was going in there for. 

The only thing I can suggest to anyone who develops Pregnancy Brain during their pregnancy is just laugh it off! I cannot tell you how many times I look back and think I lost one of my most valuable items and it was in a safe place the entire time. 

“I don’t have pregnancy brain, that’s a ridiculous myth. Now please get me the box of cereal I put in the fridge.” –Anonymous