Trend Report: Baby Shower

A baby shower is such a special time to come together for one last hurrah to celebrate the mom-to-be! There are a few ways to throw a baby shower, which I will explain the different styles, but I am also going to share with you specifically my baby brunch that my sister through for me this past July!

Baby Shower Styles

  1. BabyQ’s have become a huge thing these days! This is pretty much throwing a co-ed BBQ with friends and family to celebrate the Mom and Dad to be. I have had a few friends choose this style because they wanted a unisex party in a more casual setting. For creative décor, food and party favor ideas check out my Pinterest board here!
  2. Baby Shower is the more classic way to throw a shower. This is normally all of the mom-to-be’s female friends and family coming together to celebrate the mom either at the hosts house or at a restaurant. The host will provide lunch, pick a theme and maybe play some games. Check out my Pinterest Board here for inspiration! 
  3. Baby Brunch Friend Style is the route my sister took, which was extremely personal. My sister invited just my best friend girlfriends, my mom and mother in law. It was really special having an intimate brunch with my best friends and Baby B’s future Aunties! Check out my Baby Brunch here on Pinterest! (This could also be done as a baby Brunch Family Style, just an idea!)


The biggest question every mom-to-be has is, who is going to host my baby shower?! Well the first thought is usually the mom-to-be’s mom, mother in law or if she has a sister. But friend’s, grandmother’s, Aunt’s, really anyone close to the mama can host the shower! Some mamas even host their own shower.

My Baby Brunch


I was lucky enough to have my sister host my baby brunch! She lives in a different state then I do, so my mom helped her when it came to the location and menu, and I helped her when it came to the theme and decoration. I am definitely the designer and party planner in the family and let’s be honest, I am a bit of a control freak so I was happy to jump in on the design side.


The theme of my baby brunch was modern farm or jungle. I did not want to have everything decked out in pink and blue since we are team green and going to be surprised by the sex of our baby. Modern farm was perfect because we brought in the nature shades of green, white, silver and gold. I have always wanted to host an all-white party in the summer, so this felt like the perfect opportunity! All of my friends wore white, including myself and the photos turned out beautiful.


I feel like most people these days love to use a good evite for sending an invitation, but I am pretty old fashioned and love to pin everyone’s invitations to a board in my home, so that being said check out the invitation below! Each envelope matched the invites print and as personally printed out to each person! I have also shared my Thank You Cards to download as well since the entire Eucalyptus theme matched throughout Each!


Since the theme obviously came first, my mom found the perfect rustic venue in my hometown! We had a beautiful private room with a private deck over-looking a gorgeous nature scene. Honestly, it couldn’t have been more perfect with the theme!


My mom and sister put together a beautiful buffet style menu that was the perfect combo of breakfast and lunch! Brunch is my favorite meal of the day so I knew we couldn’t go wrong here. There was a fresh omelet station, eggs benedict, fruit display, bagels, muffins, pastries, french toast, scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, home fries, turkey or vegetable mini sandwiches, caesar salad, and penne ala vodka. It was the perfect variety, especially because I am a vegetarian. The “Momosa Bar” was a huge hit as well as the mini cannoli’s, cookies, brownies and more!


Being the designer that I am, I took full control of the decorations. My sister was getting into town the night before the brunch so I didn’t want her to stress over anything, especially when she hadn’t been to the venue and my mom and I had. 

I have never actually had a balloon arch, so the night before the shower one of my best friends totally took control (thank goodness) and put the entire arch together while the rest of my family and friends in town blew up all of the balloons. It was better than I could have ever imagined. 

We had balloons for the entrance way that said, “Oh Baby,” in white with gold font. 

I had turned a baby bottle into a water cup for each person that was already filled and ready at their tables. I have to say this was a super easy DIY and they turned out pretty cute and went with the party favor! We also had gold and white striped Baby Bienstock cookies at each seat.


When I got married three years ago, I spent hours on the mirror that was the entrance sign to our wedding. I was so excited to finally have the opportunity to reuse this sign! I just changed it to baby brunch and the current date.

All over all of the tables were different green palm leaves as well as chalkboard signs that I used my cricut to print on to label tables like the Momosa Bar etc.


The Venue already had beautiful twinkling lights on the ceiling!


On the gift table, we had a picture frame filled with photos of my husband and I as newborns!

Activities + Games + Prizes

When you walked into the room we had a sign that said, “Sassy Silver Girl or Golden Boy Bienstock,” with silver and gold beads in mason jars to wear. It was fun seeing everyone’s guesses.


One of my favorite activities was the onesie table. I had predesigned over 20 templates to iron on all different sized onesies. Each onesie had a hang tag hanging off of it for everyone to write a note to Baby B or to my husband and I. 

Another activity during the brunch was to fill in a prediction card, which I have attached below for an easy download! I have a little box I have been keeping them in and have even had people fill them in as we have seen them throughout the summer! I am currently trying to think of a prize for anyone who gets the full prediction card correct!

After everyone was done eating, we played, “How Well Do You Know Mama-To-Be While Pregnant.” I had pre-answered all of the questions for my sister and we provided the winner with a eucalyptus candle! Download is available below. 

Instead of everyone writing cards, we asked everyone to bring a book and to sign their book to baby. We sat out on the deck as I opened all of Baby B’s gifts and it was really special to have a collection of books signed by all of my best friends to Baby B!


So, like I said, I really wanted an all-white party. One of my jokes was that I really wanted an excuse to wear my Gianvito Rossi wedding heels again! I had tried on so many different style dresses, but to be honest, I have a really small bump and did not want to be in anything too flowy or you would not have been able to even see I was pregnant. I found the perfect fitted maxi dress, with rouged sides to accentuate my bump with a leg slit! It was everything I could have wanted this dress to be and more! The dress was from Revolve by Lovers + Friends. 

Planning a shower can be a lot of fun, but a lot of work. I am here to help you make this a fun and easy process. Feel free to download any of my templates, or message me on Instagram if you would like them personalized in any way! If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask!


“A baby is a blessing, a gift from heaven above, a precious little angel, to cherish and to love.” –Anonymous