Trend Report: Baby Registry Checklist

There are so many items you need to prepare for your newborns arrival and I am here to help you with a basic checklist for you to print out all of your babies needs as well as a detailed list of specific brands for each product! I have gone through each section of the checklist and put in bold items that are necessity verse other items on the list that are not as necessary, but helpful or nice to have. 

Thank you to all of the Mama’s out there that shared all of their favorites and priorities that they have been using with their babies! I appreciate having so many wonderful Mom’s to help me create my registry. 

If you are more of a visual person or want to see an actual registry click HERE to view my registry for my first baby coming September 2021.

I highly recommend using Babylist to create your baby registry. It allows you to list your items in specific categories, and it gives your friends and family the opportunity to purchase the item from any store they want. I recommend making sure each photo is the exact color of an item you want and in the notes of each item to put any specifics in regards to color, style and size so your buyers know exactly what you want. Be sure to list any items that can be a group gift, especially the higher valued items! You can even list items that are “Must Haves” so that your friends and family know what items are most important for you to have for baby’s arrival. 

Checklist Specifics: (checklist image located at the end of the blog)


Everyone has a different vision for what they need in their nursery, but obviously, the priorities are a rocking chair, crib and changing table. A few extras I would recommend is a lamp and side table to sit by your chair. I added everything below that will be going in my Little Bien’s nursery. I promise to post pictures in September as soon as our cutie arrives!

• Lounger or Rocking Chair

• Nursing Side Table

• Lamp

• Changing Table Dresser

• Crib

• Crib Fitted Sheets

• Crib Quilt

• 3 Tier Rolling Diaper Cart

• Childs Potter Barn Lounge Chair

• Growth Ruler

• Cubby Shelf and Bins for Closet

• Book Shelves

• Baby Monitor

• Sound Machine

• Area Rug


There are so many items you need for feeding your little cutie no matter if you are breast feeding or formula feeding. Either way a nursing pillow is a great way to keep baby comfortable while feeding via a bottle or breast. Check out my list below to help figure out what is best for your feeding style. 

• Burping Cloths

• Haakaa Breast Pump

• Breast Pump

• Breast Pump Bag

• Hands Free Bottles

• Variety Bottles

• Lawn Countertop Drying Rack

• Table High Chair

• High Chair

• Baby Booster Chair

• Bottle Sterilizer

• Silicone Bibs

• Cloth Bibs

• Nursing Pillow

• OXO Baby Food Container

• Baby Food Processor

• Baby Frozen Fruit Feeder

• Silicone Baby Cups

• Silicone Baby Spoons/Forks

• Silicone Plate and Bowl

• Snack Container

Baby Gear

There are different phases of baby gear needed in the first year. The Docatot is a great lounging baby item that is perfect for newborn through their first few years of life. A soothing swing is a great place to plop your newborn when you need to make dinner, use the bathroom or any other mama thing you need to be hands free. Once baby is at the phase of wanting to walk and can’t, a baby bouncer and baby walker is a great way to get your little ones feet moving. 

• Baby Lounger or Docatot

• Baby Soothing Swing

• Baby Bouncer

• Joovy Spoon Walker

Teethers & Pacifiers

Teething does not really happen until about six months to a year, but it is better to be prepared so you are not rushing to the store the day that one tooth starts to come in. Not everyone uses pacifiers, but keep in mind every baby is different and you should buy a variety pack to see which is best for your little one. 

• Toothbrush Teether

• Ice Teethers

• Rattle Teethers

• Pacifiers

• Pacifier Clips

Toys & Books

Outside of a play mat, most toys will not be used for a few months. For my baby shower, we asked my friends to all bring a book and sign it. I think this is a great way to start collecting books to read to your baby and they can be displayed in the bursary. I listed some other toys that will be needed though in the first year. 

• Travel Play Mat

• Stand Jumper or Door Jumper

• Nursery Rocking Animal

• Floor Mat Activity Gym

• Standing Entertainment Toy

• Books

• Stuffed Animals

Clothes & Accessories

Being the fashionista that I am, I really want to have a million outfits for my baby. It has really helped not knowing Baby B’s sex because then I am less likely to shop outside a few neutral onesies, zipper footies and pants. Just remember no matter what season it is baby does not know yet how to retain their body heat and they will most likely be in zipper footies for the first few weeks. That being said, they can go through a few in one day so unless you are planning on doing laundry every single day (apparently, that is normal) be prepared to have zipper footies for at least a week’s worth. I have added a few other odds and ends for you below as well!

• Bugaboo Snowsuit (winter baby)

• Zipper Footies

• Bodysuits or Rompers

• Pants

• Socks

• Drool Bibs

• Booties

• Bundler

• Hats

• Bows

Travel & Transportation

There are so many items that you may need while traveling and transporting baby, but the major items to take from this list are the car seat and stroller. There are so many brands out there, but my husband and I decided on the UppaBaby Vista V2 stroller and the UppaBaby Mesa car seat. We also decided since we are having multiple children and have two cars, to get the Doona car seat stroller out of convenience. Below also lists some other items that are great to add to your registry so you do not have to take items attached to your wall like your baby monitor!

• Pack ‘n Play Travel

• Car Seat Seat Protector

• Stroller

• Car Seat

• Portable Sound Machine

• Stroller Rain Protector

• Stroller Travel Bag

• Portable Video Monitor

• Stroller Ganoosh (if winter baby)

• Ring Sling

• Baby Carrier

• Baby Car Mirror


All new parents have a different plan for where baby will sleep, but my husband and I decided we wanted to have baby B start off in a bassinet in our room. I know the Snoo is the best product on the market, but I decided to go down a price point and do the Halo Luxe Bassinet. We also decided to go with a slightly higher priced crib and changing table dresser from Pottery Barn because we know we are having more children and will continue to use these products in each nursey. I also find a pack ‘n play to be a crucial item, whether it is for your first floor of your home or it is great for travel. I shared a few other sleep supplies below to help baby sleep well! 

• Bassinet

• Swaddles

• Baby Merlin Sleepsuit

• Easy Velcro Change Swaddles

• Wearable Blanket

• Pack ‘n Play

Bath Time

When your baby is still considered a newborn they really are not taking a true bath until their umbilical cord falls off, so it is important to have wash clothes for a sponge bath. They will also need a baby bathtub, which sits in your bathtub to hold them up. I recommend getting elbow and a knee pad so you are not in too much pain when bending over to give baby a bath in the tub! 

• Wash Clothes

• Bath Toys

• Bath Knee + Elbow Pad

• Baby Hair Brush Set

• Hooded Towels

• Baby Bathtub


It is important to have these few things listed below at home and ready. I would also recommend having baby Tylenol and baby Benadryl at home as well for those urgent moments. 

• Baby Nail Clippers

• Nasal Aspirator

• Thermometer


Everyone has their favorites when it comes to picking diapers, but I am really excited because I signed up for the Honest Baby diaper and wipes subscription. You can choose how often you want to receive diapers and wipes, the print you want, the size and how many you would like. 

• Changing Pad

• Changing Pad Covers

• Wipes Warmer

• Portable Changing Station

• Ubbi Diaper Pail + Bags

• Diapers

• Wipes

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are a great way for people to give you the luxury to pick items you may need after baby arrives. You never know what odds and ends you may end up needing after the fact. I also feel gift cards are a great gift because then you can use them towards more of your higher end items on your registry like a crib! See below as to why I personally love each of these brands listed.

• Pottery Barn: Has great quality furniture sets as well as other nursery items like crib sheets, gliders, bath towels and more!

• Honest: Has beautiful and very soft baby apparel and accessories and bath necessities, but I recommend using your gift card towards the Honest baby diaper and wipes subscription each month!

• Kyte Baby: Makes extremely soft apparel, pajamas, swaddles and crib sheets in a very large variety of colors. 

• Babylist: If you are making your registry on Babylist then it makes sense to have gift cards to use towards your items that do not get purchased. 

• Target: Who doesn’t want a gift card to Target! Target has so many baby goods from apprel, to cribs, bassinets, toys, diapers, and more. Pretty Much everything you could possibily need at an affordable price. 

• Bed Bath Beyond: Especially online has so many baby items like pack ‘n plays and more. We all know they are the best place to shop because they have 20% coupons daily to add to your purchase!

• Buy Buy Baby: Since Toys ‘R Us is no longer active, this is the next best place to purchase pretty much all of your baby go to’s! 

For The Parent’s

• Diaper Bag: Everyone has a preference on styles when it comes to diaper bags. For example, my husband prefers a backpack style where as I prefer an over the shoulder. There are so many different price points and Target has some great options. I linked the backpack style that my husband has picked out for his Daddy bag as my grandmother before she passed recently purchased the Gucci Diaper Bag for me. 

“Shopping: the find of acquiring things you don’t need with money you don’t have.” –Anonymous