Travel: Colorado

So I recently just got back from Colorado where my husband, brother and I went out to visit my sister for a siblings trip! I have traveled out to Colorado in the winter my entire life to go skiing with my cousins who live there, but in all of these years I have never experienced Colorado in the summer. I quickly learned I am definitely not a mountain girl, but we did experience some really fun and unique places that I would recommend you check out on your next trip to Denver.

Red Rock Amphitheater

Without a doubt the highlight of my trip was experiencing Red Rocks Amphitheater!!!! This was by far the coolest venue I have ever seen a show. The way the music bounces off the rocks was insane. I loved how it feels like you’re in the middle of the dessert or hiking, but you can see downtown Denver in the background of the stage. The only negative of this amphitheater is that it is outdoors and high up, so if lightning is close then the show does have a delay. We experienced a severe lightning storm after the first performer and had to take cover in the Red Rocks museum under the theater. After the storm passed we saw a really cool rainbow that lit up the entire sky! The show did happen, which was awesome and I have to say the traffic getting in and out was way easier than I ever expected. Make sure you bring a sweatshirt, even if it is a summer night, you are in the mountains and it rains randomly and gets a little chilly. My only tip of advice is to make sure you have all your snacks and water etc. because going up and down the stairs is a hike in itself!!!

Snacks and Restaurants

My brother had one demand on the trip and that was to get donuts from Parlor Donuts. They just opened in Denver and OMG they are over the top insane. The donuts are massive and the flavors are insane. They even make a vegan donut with your choice of toppings.

If you’re looking for an adult dessert donut, then check out Habit Donut Dispensary in downtown Denver. They have really unique flavored THC donuts that literally tasted like a regular donut. I loved that they had a vegan option for me! The flavors change daily, but I enjoyed a strawberry earl gray tea vegan donut!

So my brother and sister love sushi so we went to her favorite restaurant, Sushi Den. It is more on the expensive side, but the food was amazing. I am a vegetarian and they had great tofu dishes and vegetable sushi. The decor was beautiful!

On the way to Breckinridge we stopped at this cute little coffee shop in Idaho Springs called Frothy Cup. My sister loves to buy her coffee there and they ground it up for you! It was a cute little town with some bars, restaurants and tourist shops!

Fun Daytime Bars

I love a bar with activities and games. We bounced around Denver bars on Sunday before our flights, but my top two daytime bars would have to be Bierstadt and Viewhouse.

Bierstadt was really cool because all of the games are life size. Cornhole was a massive board and we had to toss bean bag chairs! The beer pong was trash cans with basketballs. There was even a movie theater screen with Mario Cart!

Viewhouse was a cool environment to be outside in turf right in the sun. They have a movie theater screen outside with sports playing and a full yard for Cornhole.

Outdoor Activities

Breckinridge is a great place to go spend the day, especially if you have kids. We rode the gondola up to the top of the mountain where they have restaurants, mini golf, adventure courses, slides and live music!

On the way back to Denver we stopped at Sapphire Point for some beautiful mountain and lake views. If you’re not into hiking like me, this is a great way to see views on a shorter trail.

If there is a show you love playing at Red Rocks then go! If I could see every band there, trust me I would!

In downtown Denver we walked this cute strip in LODO called the Dairy Block that had an alley with some really cool designers. I fell in love with @velart_denver_co work!

Last but not least I got to go to dinner with my best friend who is pretty much my sister, I got to see one of my oldest camp friends, spend a day with my cousin and have the best weekend with my siblings! I’m pretty sure my husband fell in love with scootering around Downtown Denver the most! Even if I’m not a mountain girl, my sister made sure to find activities that were right up my alley!

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