What’s In My Purse: Mama Beach Bag Edition

I have always been pretty good at packing my beach bag to go to the beach with my husband, but packing with an infant is a whole new level of momming. So, to all of my infant parents out there I am here to share with you a few of our favorite items that we used this summer on our beach trip to Avalon! 


Yes, I know this does not technically go in your beach bag, but I wanted to add this in a as a little bonus. Not every stroller is meant for the sandy beach terrains. Having a stroller with three large wheels, one in the front and two in the back is the best way to get on the beach. We used the Bob which was the perfect stroller and it compacts nicely for travel. A lot of people also love to use a wagon, but again make sure it has large enough wheels to move nicely on the sand. Pick one that is designated for the beach because the sand is impossible to get off.  

Beach Mat

I love a mat that folds up into a bag itself. Little Unicorn has the cutest prints, is sand and water proof. We love the tropical leaves print and the mat comes in multiple sizes. The bag even has a zipper pocket. 

Hooded Towel

Obviously, any towel works, but for a baby who is cold from getting wet a hooded towel is best. My favorite is the children’s size Pottery Barn towels. They have the most adorable animal prints and our Ry baby loves her unicorn towel.


If you’re like me you love to be in the sun, but don’t forget your baby has beautiful, sensitive skin that needs to be out of the sun. Here is an easy umbrella that spirals into the sand and is colorful yet fun for your child to stare at. Look at the photo below on how to have the best of both worlds, sun for mama and dada and shade for baby!


Remember kids put everything in their mouth, especially if they are teething so silicone toys are the best for the teething infant to toddler. I found this really cute set that came with a sand bag to store them in. 

Water Bottle

I know there are so many brands of cold insulated ice water bottles and we all have our favorites, but we are a Hydroflask family and of course I had to get my sweet girl a mini pink one to match ours!


A little pool is the best way to introduce the water and give your baby a place to play. I love this little tent pool because it gave Ryann shade and a pool at the same time. She had so much fun splashing and dumping sand in her pool. 


There are so many brands, but I really love Baby Bum. I love the ingredients, smell and consistency. Tubby Todd is also a great brand!


Annoyingly, my daughter will not keep a hat on her head, but this is the perfect water proof and SPF sun hat.

Bathing Suit 

Yes, the little bikinis and boy shorts are so cute, but be safe than sorry and toss on a UV protectant long sleeve bathing suit on your little ones! There are so many options, but my favorite places to shop are Amazon, Target, Old Navy and Carters. 

Beach Bag

I found the ultimate Mama beach bag to store all of these goodies in! It has a zipper which helps keep the sand out. It can go in the washer machine and it has multiple mesh pockets on the outside. I love that I can toss the sunscreen or any other odds and ends in the outside pockets. 


“There’s a place off Ocean Avenue where I used to sit and talk with you.” –Yellowcard American band