Unique New York

Ever since my husband and I officially moved out of Manhattan last year when we had our daughter, we have been trying to go back up to our condo to visit and show her where we lived for almost seven years! We wanted to show her to see where we lived, experience the sky scrapers, and all of our daily spots in Columbus Circle where we lived. Three times our trips were canceled, but honestly I am so glad we waited until she was walking around and old enough to truly fall in love with every bit of New York City around her. This month we took her to say goodbye to our condo, which was bitter sweet, but at thirteen months and walking, she got to truly enjoy her first trip to our favorite city.

She was amazed by the tall buildings, seeing the city while standing in central park, all of the noises and people around her, but she is clearly a suburbs baby. She kept waving to every single person we passed, but little did she know that New Yorkers just keep walking and don’t care about anyone around them LOL!


We took her to Sara Beth’s for brunch, Bergdorf’s for an early dinner and of course got Pick A Bagel to bring home! She was fascinated by our roof deck and everything she could see from the beautiful view. 

Central Park was her favorite place to walk around freely!

While walking around NYC I was thinking a lot about if we would have stayed in the city to raise Ryann, the pros and cons. I wanted to share my thoughts from the view of a previous New Yorker who is now living in the suburbs! 

I am so used to walking around without a stroller and weaving in and out of every person quickly, which is not doable with a stroller, even my umbrella stroller or Doona verse my Uppababy. With a strolle, we had to make sure we went to each corner when crossing the street since that is where it is flat, but people are not polite and do not get out of your way. I have also adjusted to getting in and out of the car with Ryann, and at times that can be annoying to take her out to put her back in just to run another quick errand, whereas in NYC I can leave her in the stroller to run a bunch of errands at once. In NYC though, I would have to take elevators down to the subway or have a car seat to go in the cabs. Ryann is too tall for her Doona, which would make it complicated! 

I could go on and on why we should be in the suburbs or the city, there are so many amazing positives to both, but these were just a few quick ones I noticed on our weekend up at the condo. We are slowly adjusting to life out of Manhattan, but I am so glad my sweet little girl loved the excitement of the city that never sleeps! 

“Welcome to New York, it’s been waitin’ for you.” –Taylor Swift American Singer