The First Trimester Round 2

If you have read my previous blogs about my fertility journey, you know that this process has never been easy for my husband and I and that we have had a lot of loss and pain throughout the journey of becoming parents to our sweet girl Ryann. I won’t sugar coat it, the journey for round two was just has hard, just as frustrating, just as sad, but with all of this stress I am finally growing our second little miracle and that is all that matters!

We are overly excited to see Ryann become a big sister. Our little cuties will be twenty-two months apart. Ryann has already grown so much throughout the last three months of my pregnancy and I cannot wait to see how much she develops between now and the last two trimesters. One of my favorite things right now is watching her give my belly kisses when I say, “Can baby have a kiss.” She is currently obsessed with her baby dolls and likes to take them everywhere!

Okay let’s talk about the actual pregnancy so far. I thought I was tired and nauseas the first pregnancy, but I was sorely mistaken. I guess not having a child made it easy to sleep in and nap whenever I wanted back then, but now I really can only nap when Ryann naps, and not even the full time because I still have to keep our life together at home and it is my only time to workout (hence why I have been a little delayed on blogs this fall and winter!) We still have activities everyday and I have to keep her active as well, so sometimes I just have to push myself a little harder to get through each day. As soon as she goes to bed at 8:00pm I normally crash within an hour of her! It is crazy how much more tired I am this time around. My nausea the first pregnancy was just general pregnancy nausea, but this time it is on demand. For example, if I haven’t had enough water it will smack me out of nowhere that I need to eat something or hydrate. I also notice I wake up nauseas starving and annoyingly it has even happened in the middle of the night. Thank goodness for saltines in my night table drawer! I feel like my tiredness and nausea grew on me the first pregnancy where as this time is goes from 0 to 100 pretty quickly. When I was pregnant with Ryann I never drank caffeine, but having a toddler and lack of energy that is not really an option this time around. I also never drank anything outside of water and juice, but sometimes mama really needs a little Ginger Ale or the occasional Dr. Pepper craving

My first pregnancy I had a hard time working out between weeks four through fourteen. As soon as fourteen hit I had all of my energy back and worked out every single day until the night before I went into labor with Ryann. So far this time around as tired as I was I mentally needed to workout for myself so I would push through, but around week six to seven my fertility doctor banned me from working out because I was having issues gaining weight. I took the break because I had to and it gave me more time to nap, but I was mentally going insane. Finally, around eleven weeks they said I could use my peloton for twenty minutes’ maximum and not to over do it. Well it is better then nothing. I am very curious how this second trimester is going to go, if my body is going to not be as tired and want to workout for myself not just my sanity!

At ten weeks, I switched from fertility to my regular Obgyn where I learned that I naturally carry small babies and plan to deliver early again like I did with Ryann. I also get to have extra ultrasounds because of this to make sure the baby is growing big enough to determine when the baby can no longer grow and is ready to join us!

Everyone has always told me that with their second pregnancy they showed much quicker then the first and that they felt movement much earlier on as well. So far I wouldn’t say I am showing to the world earlier, but I 100% feel the lower belly bloated feeling much earlier then I did the first time. Let’s just say leggings are my best friend and I don’t see that changing anytime soon!

I expected to know exactly how the first trimester would go considering I have done this before, but let me tell you it has been a very different ride. I am so curious to see what’s to come in the second trimester compared to my first go around! Stay tuned 🙂

“Can’t eat because of nausea. Nauseas because I can’t eat. Well played, pregnancy, well played.” -Anonymous