The Second Trimester Round 2

Everyone always told me with my first pregnancy do not worry you will get your energy back in the second trimester. Well, that was true during my first pregnancy, I worked out everyday on my peloton, I finally had my appetite back and I was pretty much back to myself just with a growing belly. Let me tell you round two this DID NOT HAPPEN!

I had so many people try to blame that it was because I have a toddler, but honestly she is an angel, a great sleeper and it truly had nothing to do with her. After my first pregnancy, I became anemic, underweight and I am also a vegetarian. I think a huge amount of my issues stemmed from these medical issues personally. My physical energy levels were low, my blood flow was awful and my body felt like I was rejecting being pregnant this time around.

In January 2023 I ended up in the hospital with severe pregnancy dehydration. My body pretty much would not let me drink water or keep any food down. I was very faint and barely knew I was in my bed and my body was weak. I have experienced dehydration in the summer from playing sports growing up, but never have I experienced my entire body crashing like this. This happened once a week all of January into February! My mom even had to take a red eye in from California to help us out. Thank goodness for moms!

Let’s talk about baby movement My daughter moved very minimally. She pretty much rolled here and there but never really kicked. My friends have named baby number two, The Karate Kid. This little thing keeps me up all night punting, punching, you name it! This baby moves twenty four hours a day and when it kicks I feel it out both sides! Sometimes it even gets a foot or hand stuck in my right rib cage. Ouch!!!!

During my first pregnancy I moved from Manhattan to Philadelphia at 36 weeks pregnant. This time around in the middle of all of the dehydration issues we moved yet again at 22 weeks pregnant. I keep joking my 36 week pregnancy was an easy move without a toddler and feeling good.

Needless to say the second trimester did not go as planned, but my sweet girl, amazing husband and long distant parents got me through this chaotic time and transitioned into our home!

“I constantly go between wanting you to be my baby forever and being excited about all the amazing things you’ll do in this life.” -What to Expect