Hey all you #GIRLBOSS’S out there, what does it take to truly be a #GIRLBOSS?  I sat down with a few of my favorite #powerfulwomen to get their opinion on what it takes to be a #GIRLBOSS.

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To be the ultimate #GIRLBOSS you must feel strong, independent, powerful, and not care what other people think of you. You have to be able to put yourself first and stay focus on every little task without any distractions. You have to teach yourself to wake up early and to take advantage of all the hours in a day because we all know that there really are not enough! As a #GIRLBOSS, it is crucial to work really hard to keep organized in your work and personal life. This is the only way to stay on top of everything.

There comes a time where you have to tell yourself that being a #GIRLBOSS is more important to you than going out partying and drinking. It doesn’t matter if you are a 20 -omething old #GIRLBOSS or a thirties or a forties, either way you have to have self-control. You need to be the role model for everyone else that is looking up to you.

Confidence is a huge part of showing that you are the ultimate #GIRLBOSS. If you are ever nervous and need to snap out of it, go to a mirror, close your eyes, take a deep breath and tell yourself that you are fearless, strong and confident. Take a sip of water and begin whatever it is that you needed to do with a full feeling of confidence.

Time management and organization fall under the same category. Keep a calendar, whether it is written out or on your phone, always have it on you. The more organized you are the better time management you will have. Keeping a notebook with a detailed list is also a really great way to stay organized. Personally, I take my notebook everywhere! I list the date at the top of the page, then I give it a title like Blog, and then I keep a list of bullet points and check them off as I complete each task. I use the same notebook for going to panels and listening to guest speakers.

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As a fashionista, one of my top priorities as a #GIRLBOSS is dress to impress. That does not mean you have to wear designer labels. It means you have to look the role you want to be perceived as.

You want people to see you and think, “wow what a #GIRLBOSS. She looks so chic, classy, sophisticated and confident.”

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I love wearing my hot pink Lover’s and Friends LA blazer to important functions because it makes me feel strong and bold. When I feel bold from wearing something so out there(especially in New York City) my confidence is high and I am ready to achieve everything I set out to be for as the ultimate #GIRLBOSS.

You may have noticed that every blog I write as an influencer ends with a quote. These quotes are all from powerful women in the world. They have all achieved diverse accolades within each of their professions and lives and I have decided to continue researching powerful women from all different decades to quote. It is really important to know about women from the past who took a stand and made changes to the world.

Continue learning about these women at the end of each of my blogs!

As I said in the beginning, I talked with a few of my favorite #GIRLBOSS women and I asked them, “What do you think it takes to be the ultimate #GiRLBOSS?”

Check out these #powerfulwomen’s responses below:

Mimi Wong @Minanwong “A fearless risk taker and compassionate at the same time”

Kate Terentieva @Pretaportkate “I think the most important thing is to believe in yourself and passionately love what you do. Women are quick to blame society, the patriarchy, or other factors that don’t allow them to be successful. But look at women like Oprah, Rihanna, or Ashley Graham for example. They didn’t fold and let society take over – they pushed and continued to pushing all because they believed in their passion and shared it with others.”

Ana Kcira @FashionStyleFoodie “To be a girl boss it takes ambition and going for your goals no matter what others may think or say. I never let other peoples options get in the way of my goals. Everyone has dreams, but it’s the women that go for them despite the odds, are the real bosses!

Andreina Valderrama @andreinavalderrama “To be a girl boss you need to take control of your life, and live it under your own rules. It includes: working hard, being fearless, being condfident, staying focused on your dreams, and never following someone else’s path…because girlbosses are unique and they don’t spend time being someone else.”

Erin Kean @erin.kean “A girl boss is someone who doesn’t quit when things get hard. They are able to see the big picture and never stop learning.”

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Thank you to all of these amazing women who have taken the time to discuss the ultimate #GIRLBOSS with me. You have all made something of yourselves and I am so proud and honored to have you in my network of #powerfulwomen!

“Don’t give up, don’t take anything personally, and don’t take no for an answer.” –Sophia Amoruso Author of the book #GIRLBOSS