Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019: Resolutions New Year New You

Can you believe it is 2019?! 2018 flew by so quickly, however it was definitely one of the best years of my life. Before we get into my resolutions side of this blog, let’s reminisce for a hot sec on the amazing experiences that have occurred in 2018!

2018 Reminisce

January: I visited Boston for the first time, for one of my best friends for her 25th birthdays and we celebrated my pups 15th birthday!

February: I was lucky enough to go to my 5th round of NYFW shows! I even got to shoot a video with TREsemme at NYFW! My husband started a new job with an amazing company, Steve Madden Corporate!

March: I traveled to Charleston, South Carolina for my best friend’s bachelorette and visited Rainbow Row! I also successfully completed my first Escape the Room.

April: We traveled to New Orleans for the first time where we celebrated two of our best friend’s wedding! I also had the opportunity to dress celebrity singer, Dalal Brunchman + actress Anna Enger Ritch!

May: I got to go to Las Vegas for my bachelorette with my 12 best friends and we celebrated my husband’s 26th birthday!

June: I had an amazing Breakfast at Tiffany’s themed bridal shower right before I married my best friend, love of my life and forever life partner!

July: I traveled to Hawaii for our Honeymoon for the first time since I was three year’s old. Both mine and my husband’s best friends got engaged, and saw Taylor Swift in concert for the 100th time!

August: I started my second to last semester of school at FIT and was able to visit my hometown in Philadelphia to celebrate my grandmothers 76th birthday and my grandfather’s 80th!

September: I made amazing new friends at my 6th NYFW set of shows! Even better, I started excessively shooting because I decided I was launching my blog in November! My husband, sister and I went to Sacramento + San Francisco to visit my brother!

October: I finally saw Mean Girls and Pretty Woman on broadway, I was accepted into the WING, and my husband was promoted at work! We even visited my family at PSU for homecoming!

November: I launched my blog right before Thanksgiving and celebrated my 26th  birthday with axe throwing and a unicorn themed birthday party!

December: I gained over 3000 followers in the first six weeks of my blog launch and was accepted to join the best #girlgang ever, Exclusively Social!

2018 was an amazing year filled with so much love, lots of traveling, new friends, weddings, and so much more, but it is time to say…..

Goodbye 2018 & Hello 2019!



2019 Resolutions

Well, it’s a new year, which means you get to start a new you! Take a second to step back and really think about your resolutions for this year. Do you want to travel more? Learn a new language? Be more adventurous in your wardrobe? Meet new people? Go back to school?

Who says you can only have one resolution for this year?! I have decided on a few resolutions for myself and thought it would be a great idea to break them down by category! So, my fashionistas, here is my breakdown of suggestions to help you pick your resolutions for 2019!



  • pick 2 countries you want to visit this year
  • visit U.S. states on your “never been to list”
  • pick a new adventure on a vacation: hiking, white water rafting, four wheeling, visit a winery, climb Haleakala
10,000 Feet above sea level Haleakala National Park in Maui


  • avoid wearing all black outfits everyday
  • go outside your comfort zone and try a new style, or wear bright colors
  • try to go to go to your first NYFW shows


  • treat yourself to a facial once a month to help your skin stay glowing, young, and smooth
  • change up the products you are using to promote healthy skin
  • teach yourself how to master putting make up on your face shape
Photo @tessamarieimages


  • read a book at least once a month and truly enjoy it
  • make new friends by joining a new group whether it is networking or social there are so many people in the world just like you looking to meet new people everyday
  • make a change in your daily routine; try out that painting class you have been reading about, go take a cooking class, visit all of the museums in NYC, anything to make you happy and get you out of that rut!


  • workout at least 3 to 5 days per week to promote a healthy lifestyle
  • cut out foods in your diet that you know you shouldn’t be eating
  • join a gym, go to work out classes or start with a trainer to achieve your personal body goals for this year (P.S. free 3 day NYC Crunch Gym Pass Here)
Photo @lauren4yourheart


  • take the time to help someone new in your office
  • evaluate if your career path is where you want to be and then act on it to be the successful person you want to be
  • put in those extra hours a week to show your boss you want that promotion, and don’t be scared to talk to your boss about it, they want you to be successful and there could be an opportunity you don’t even know about right in front of your eyes
nova3 edit

I hope you can take away something from my list of resolution suggestions. It is a new year and time for you to make a new change in yourself. In order to promote a healthy lifestyle, one must be the change they want to see. Take ahold of your life and accomplish everything you have been dreaming to do!

Trendy Ambitious Blonde’s 2019 Resolutions

Like I said before, categorizing your resolutions makes it easier to accomplish each and every one of them! Here is my list of what I am going to accomplish this year!



  • go back to Israel with my husband and family
  • pick one other country to visit outside of the US
  • travel to 3 U.S. States that I have not been to


  • get invited to a big name NYFW show for my 7th and 8th NYFW seasons
  • avoid wearing all black daily and wear my favorite bright colors


  • give myself a facial once a month and try to get a facial every other month to help my skin stay young and glowing
  • work with more beauty brands to help promote brands that are cruelty free


  • read one book every month (really excited I started this one early in December and have already read two books this month!)
  • take a cooking class with my husband as a date night activity


  • continue to work out 4 to 5 days a week and try a new gym class
  • find another food to cut out of my diet that isn’t healthy


  • graduate in May from FIT with a 4.0
  • create relationships with amazing new brands on my blog and social media channels to help women feel empowered through what I find and share
  • have 10,000 followers on Instagram by the end of the year

Happy New Year My Trendy Fashionistas

“This is a New Year, a new beginning, and things will change.” –Taylor Swift American Singer

Photo @annarichhhh