Faux Real Faux Fur

Every time I go to pick out a coat to wear in this brutal New York City weather I think to myself, “but baby, it’s cold outside!” But then I remember how many amazing, fun colored, faux fur coat options there are this winter and how soft the faux fur is and I secretly get excited to pick out my coat! I don’t know about the rest of you, but winter is not my friend, I do much better with a little sun and warmth in my life, but I remind myself everyday how much I love living in this amazing city that cannot help but get cold in the winter!

Faux fur was once looked at as trashy, cheap, and very itchy, but now the fabric has changed to a luxe, affordable, sustainable options. Designers are switching over to save animals, yet still design a product that is trendy, unique and literally flying off the racks. Taking a stand for your own believes is not easy, but you have to think about what is important to you in life. I have decided that I am taking a stand and not going to purchase real fur because I feel that it is morally wrong to kill an animal for the benefit of human consumption.

So, that being said, this winter I have been testing out some gorgeous faux fur coats that I would love to share with all of my fellow fashionistas! They may all be just a faux fur coat, but the best part is each of these coats are different styles, colors, shapes, and lengths to give you all different fashionable varieties. So, sit back and relax because as soon as you’re done reviewing my favorites for this winter you will be ready to bundle up and take on NYC one freezing day at a time!

The Apparis pink hooded faux fur coat is definitely my favorite this season. Obviously, I am a little pink obsessive, but my favorite detail is that it has a hood. When I am rushing around Manhattan running errands and trying to stay warm it is really nice to have the hood to throw on to keep my ears warm. I literally feel like a giant marshmallow filled with a pink happiness sugar! (this jacket is sold out, but don’t worry Rent the Runway is still renting it out and if you’re a monthly member you can buy it!)

Photo @ashleybravickphoto Sweater @aquabloomingdales  Jeans @parkersmith  Purse @sarahwhite Boots @samedelman 

La Vie Rebecca Taylor designed a white faux fur coat with little black polka dots. This one hits perfectly on your hips, so I try to pair this with either a dress or a warm pants since it doesn’t cover your back side! The collar lays very nicely on your shoulders and pairs well with anything black under it! I wore this recently with tights and a faux leather dress by Parker. I was surprised how warm I felt in this coat without having any other sleeves under it!

Photo @ashleybravickphoto Dress @slate&willow Tights @urbanoutfitters Purse @forever21 Heels @chineselaundry

The Trina Turk bright blue Salma faux fur coat fits very similarly to the Rebecca Taylor polka dot one. One of my favorite details of this coat is that it has giant zipper pockets on each front side. Personally, I really enjoy having zipper pockets. I always toss my phone, gloves and subway card in them quickly and feel safe that they will be zipped shut! This coat also has a slightly baggy feel like a hoodie, which made it easy to wear sweaters and other baggy clothing underneath.

Photo @ashleybravickphoto Sweater @aliceandolivia Leggings @spanx Sneakers @aliceandolivia Purse @rebeccaminkoff

Apparis designed three long faux fur coats in different colors. One is a greige, white coloring that I really love to wear with white jeans, a black sweater and black booties. Something about this look is so winter clean and I cannot get enough of it! The second coloring is also a greige, but it has some pink and mustard yellow color-blocking on the front. I really love that this style has the length, but be warned it is very over fluffy and you will feel slightly trapped in your coat! Just remember how warm you will be in this winter weather. The last one is a gorgeous scarlet that was perfect for the holiday season, however who says you can’t wear red throughout the entire winter?!

_AAB8801 Photo @ashleybravickphoto Sweater @halogen Jeans @parkersmith Booties @stevemadden

Photo @ashleybravickphoto Turtleneck @freepeople Pants @dvf Boots @samedelman Purse @internationalconcepts

IMG_1549Photo @ashleybravickphoto Purse @katespade Leggings @spanx Booties @nastygal

If you are looking for a hoodie styled jacket, then you have to check out Sanctuary’s new faux fur zip hoodie. This jacket is hot pink faux fur, which I love, but even better the inside is a soft, knit liner in heather grey. It has such a yummy feel against your skin to the point where you will never want to take it off! I really love that it is a zip up as well verse the buttons that every other brand did.


Photo @amandasmith.design Leggings @michaelkors Boots @stevemadden

Soaked designed a really chic black faux fur cropped coat that really looks nice paired with a dress or higher waist pants. The faux fur is extremely fine, making it irresistible to touch. Sometimes I find myself walking down the street and petting my own arm! This is a great classic black faux fur coat that looks amazing over everything.

Photo @ashleybravickphoto Dress @dvf Purse @dvf Boots @stevemadden

The last faux fur coat that I am really into this winter is designed by Unreal Fur. This charcoal gray coat with cream colored giant bubbles on it pairs very nicely with a turtleneck or a giant scarf because it does not have a collar or hood. It sits really nicely on the shoulders giving you the luxury to show off your turtleneck underneath it! I love styling layered looks where you can actually see the under layers.

Photo @amandasmith.design Sweater @freepeople Purse @stevemadden   Leggings @spanx Boots @stevemadden

Now it’s your turn to get bundled up in a faux fur coat and feel like the most amazing soft, warm, teddy bear you can be! Winter can be brutal, but each of these faux fur coats were designed to be comfortable, sustainable, unique and a trendy way to wear outerwear.

“Clothes aren’t going to change the world, the women who wear them will.” –Anne Klein American Women’s Designer