That Trendy 70s Show

Have you ever wished that you could be a member of the That 70s Show circle with Jackie, Donna, Michael, Eric, Fez + Hyde? I watched this show growing up with my siblings because I thought it was so hilarious and that they were such a unique group of friends. The funny thing is I still continue to watch it with my husband, it is still that funny, but now I am way more obsessed with the fashion statements that Donna tried to make and Jackie obviously nailed!

The 70s were a time for flares, platforms and hippie-chic rainbow prints. Thigh high boots finally came into the fashion world (thank goodness!), and of coursefuzzy fabrics! Everyone always says that history repeats itself, but in the fashion world it doesn’t just replicate that exact same styles from the past, it transforms them into a modern-day version. The fabrics, prints and styles that we see now may be inspired from the 70s, but they are definitely reflecting the modern day feel of the best of the 70s.

I had a little fun creating a modern edge to some of my favorite 70s looks! You can even join my disco party below!

70s Sporty Chic

Photo Sunglasses @betseyjohnson Purse @coach  Jeans @jbrand Sweater @shopbop Boots @milanoo
Photo Sunglasses @betseyjohnson Purse @coach  Jeans @jbrand Sweater @shopbop
Photo Purse @betseyjohnson Sneakers @stevemadden Jeans @Paige T-Shirt @asos

70s Disco

Photo Boots @nastygal Skirts @bloomingdales Sweater @urbanoutfitters
Photo Boots @nastygal Skirts @bloomingdales Sweater @urbanoutfitters
Photo Sunglasses @ilymix Purse @henribendel Boots @stevemadden Pants @osman Top @revolve
Photo Sunglasses @ilymix Purse @henribendel Boots @stevemadden Pants @osman Top @revolve
Photo @ldbienstock Sunglasses @jimmychoo Purse @katespadeny Heels @unitednude Jumpsuit @kennethcole Top @meredithbanzhoff
Photo @colorfactoryco Purse @nastygal Heels @unitednude Jumpsuit @michaelkors 

70s Hippie

Photo Sunglasses @stevemadden Purse @asos Boots @stevemadden  Two Piece @forever21
Photo Sunglasses @stevemadden Purse @asos Two Piece @forever21
Photo Sunglasses @stevemadden Purse @asos Boots @stevemadden  Two Piece @forever21

My Favorite 70s Shoe Styles


Screen Shot 2019-01-15 at 11.01.16 PM

Thigh Highs


Platform Heels

Screen Shot 2019-01-15 at 10.59.46 PM

Platform Boots

Screen Shot 2019-01-15 at 11.00.40 PM

“Okay, you’re first mistake was wearing pants for car sex. When you do it in the car, skirts are you best friend! Zip-zap, bim-bam, you’re done, you’re dressed, you’re back at the mall!” –Mila Kunis Actress Jackie from That 70s Show