What’s In My Purse: NYFW Edition

I know we are all getting very excited that New York Fashion Week is about to start! I cannot believe that this is my seventh as a guest designer and now my second season as an influencer! Some of you have reached out to find out how many hours I sleep a night and how much caffeine it takes to keep me going on the NYFW grind. Well, if I am being honest I have definitely gotten myself on a much better schedule then I have in the past.

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From 2016-2018 I was only sleeping about 3 hours per night and drinking 40 ounces of coffee a day and I do not even drink coffee on a regular basis! Now I have finally designed a much better schedule to keep me healthy, hydrated and not sleep deprived while enjoying anywhere from 20 to 40 NYFW shows and events. I have completely eliminated coffee and stick to my matcha, green tea and NUUN tablets in my water. I now sleep at least six hours per night, and I remind myself to eat lunch between shows and dinner after shows before I can attend any after party events!

Photo @gettyimages Location @artbeam Producer @nolchashows Finale America’s Next Top Model @mameadjei4 Brand @samanthaleibowitzny Time NYFW September 2017

New York Fashion Week is such a rewarding, amazing experience, but you have to remember to take care of yourself in the process. Do not forget to consume caffeine in portions, eat a good breakfast, make time for lunch and dinner and remember to enjoy every second of it because the week goes so quickly!

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I am starting a new segment here on the blog called “What’s In My Purse.” This week I want to help all of my fashionistas traveling from near and far to be prepared for New York Fashion Week, so here you go loves…..

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What’s In My Purse: NYFW Edition

Metrocard: The quickest way to get anywhere in New York City is definitely by subway. I have lived here now for a little over four years and trust me subway or walking is definitely your best bet. Think ahead a either buy a weekly pass for NYFW or put money on your card ahead of time because then you do not have to be worried about being late to a show!

Uber | Lyft | Taxi Apps: Sometimes the shows are closer to the Hudson then a subway station. I have had show’s 20 minutes apart driving distance and the subway is nowhere near where I needed to be. It happens, but be prepared and have these apps ready with your credit card information already set up so you can quickly pay before you are even dropped off. I honestly prefer grabbing a yellow cab and using the app Arro to pay. Basically, when you get in the cab a number will pop up on the screen and all you have to do is type it on your phones app and you are all done!

Portable Charger: I don’t know about the rest of you, but I live on my phone. Between staying up to date on my Instagram, taking pictures and videos at shows, using my maps to get around quickly and networking, my phone is always dying quickly. I always keep a mini portable charger on me to use during the actual show I am in, and I bring a larger one that is about 10,000 MaH, which lasts almost three days!

Camera: As much as iphones these days are amazing, sometimes it is nice to use a camera to take your trendy photos. Also, it helps prevent your phone from constantly have a 0% battery! Just don’t forget you cannot use a flash during a runway show, or trust me you will get yelled at by the camera pit!

Tote or Recycle Bag: Most of the designers like to put giveaways on the seats when you walk into a show. I usually roll up a recycled bag and toss it in my purse to collect all of my goodies throughout the day. Remember it is important to consolidate so you are not carrying a million things. Also try to pick a solid colored bag that matches your outfit in case you are photographed on your way in or out of a show!

Comfy Shoes: Remember when I said to have an extra bag with you, well it’s also a great place to toss a pair of flats in. Personally, I am a heels girl all the way through NYFW, so it is really nice to know that you have the option to toss your flats on between shows. I can honestly say I have carried cute designer sandals in my purse each season and have yet to use them, but I can promise you that one time I really need them I will be thankful that I have carried them the last seven seasons!

Cash + Credit Cards: Most of New York City at this point takes credit cards, even the food trucks, but it is nice to also have small bills on you for when you are rushing and just need to grab something to eat or drink throughout the day.

Lipstick + Powder: I completely understand that you can only carry so much in your purse, so instead of traveling all day with your entire make up bag, just pick out your favorite pop of color for the day and a little cover up in case you need a minor touch up. Trust me the lipstick is the first thing to come off so you might as well only carry that if you have to pick one!

Sunglasses: Even on a rainy day always carry your sunnies with you because you never know when the sun is going to make a random pop out and trust me you will not be a happy camper! Don’t forget that sunglasses are also an accessory and sometimes you will see people where them all day, everywhere, literally I mean inside a show! Don’t forget to change them each day so that they match your latest trendy outfits!

Umbrella: New York City is notorious for random rain, especially during NYFW! Be prepared with a mini umbrella in your bag on the days it is not supposed to rain and a cute larger one on the days it says it will pour. You don’t want to be that person walking into a show drenched with your outfit ruined while getting your picture taken.

Water + Snack: Please do not forget to hydrate and eat throughout the day! I cannot stress that enough. Toss even a mini bottle of water that you can keep refilling throughout the day with you and a power bar or piece of fruit are my go to snacks. Sometimes I even keep a power bar and peanut butter crackers with me because my schedule always ends up being back to back shows!

Well fashionistas, if you are about to head into your first ever NYFW then get ready for one of the greatest moments of your life, and if you are a NYFW veteran then don’t forget all of your purse necessities! Get ready to see guests in lots of layers, neons, camo and leopard/animal prints! Grab your #GIRLGANG and your favorite styles and get ready for a week filled with the best fashion moments of the year! #TrendyLifestyle

Photo @bigmakoy Group @exclusivelysocial #GIRLGANG Earrings Etsy Leather Jacket Slate & Willow Sweater Red Valentino Purse @NYCeBLU Leather Pants Goen. J Booties Valentino
Photo @bigmakoy Group @exclusivelysocial #GIRLGANG Earrings Etsy Leather Jacket Slate & Willow Sweater Red Valentino Purse @NYCeBLU Leather Pants Goen. J Booties Valentino

“The bags under my eyes are Chanel!” –Coco Chanel French Fashion Designer, liberated women post WWI from the constraints of the “corseted silhouette” and popularizing a sporty, casual chic as the feminine standard of style