Expert NYFW Tips & Tricks  

It is the first NYFW in 2020 and I am beyond excited. This is my 11th season and each one has been such an amazing, unique experience. There is just something really special about surrounding yourself with a million people with the exact same love of fashion that you hold to. Fashion week brings a lot of trendy inspiration and the thrill of it will never change. I have learned so much throughout the last 10 seasons and I am here to share with you my expert tips & tricks for a successful NYFW season!


Be Productive: Network

Fashion week gives you this amazing opportunity to meet new people organically and network. Be prepared with business cards, and always have your Instagram open and ready to add a new connection. We all spend plenty of time in line while waiting to get into a show, take a minute to compliment someone’s outfit that you know they worked so hard on to style and create fashionable conversation. You never know who you are going to meet and your next best friend or career move could be sitting right next to you during a show.

Steam: Or Else

Trust me when I say STEAM THAT SH!T! There are so many amazing opportunities to have tour photo taken on your way into Spring Studios by the paparazzi. If you aren’t dressed to a T then trust me they will not take the time to stop and make you feel like a rock star. Steaming takes a quick minute and they are super cheap! I have a full steamer and a travel size one that pretty much lives in my suitcase. Click here to purchase the best travel steamer!

Plan Ahead: Research

Do not wait until last minute to plan out each look. Try each little detail on to make sure you love the style and that each piece, including your accessories, fits perfectly. Create a mood board about a month or two before fashion week to help yourself get inspired. I like to design twenty different looks about two weeks before shows begin. There are some days where I wear one outfit and some days where I plan to wear two to five different looks. Each day is different and it is better to be over prepared then under prepared.

Time Management: Don’t Be Fashionably Late

There is no such thing as being fashionably late when it comes to NYFW, but let me be honest and tell you I have never been to a show that started on time. The worst thing that can happen is you lose your seat and have to stand, but who wants to be in that position….not me! You will have to wait in a line to get into the building and then you will have to wait in another line to get into the show. Think about how many people are also waiting to do the exact same as you. Plan ahead by creating an excel sheet of your NYFW schedule so you can be realistic about which shows you will actually have the time to get into.

The Purse: What’s In It

It is really important to pack your purse the night before. I recommend taking a small jewelry bag or duster and putting your necessities in it so that you can transfer it from purse to purse. There are days where I plan to wear a few different outfits and my purse needs to change per look. Having a little duster bag to transfer from purse to purse helps me remember everything I need. Click here to read my blog on what to put in your purse for NYFW.

“Every year the women of New York leave the past behind and look forward to the future…..this is known as fashion week. –Carrie Bradshaw Sex and The City Character