How to Plan a Las Vegas Bachelorette Party

I know the saying goes, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,” and that may be true for the most part, but don’t worry I can at least share the ins and outs on how to plan an amazing bachelorette experience that you and your girlfriends will never forget! It is really important to have a solid schedule when traveling to Las Vegas because let’s be honest it’s pretty rare that you’re going to be sober during this experience, so the more planned out details you have the better your bachelorette party will be.

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  • Itinerary
  • Packing List
  • Decorations
  • Event Planner
  • Shirt Design
  • Gifts




  • We planned to all land in Las Vegas and meet at the airport between 9am-10am
  • Our hummer limo picked us up at the airport and he immediately suggested we go to the liquor store of course!
  • When we arrived at the hotel we checked in where the concierge handed me a bottle of pink champagne from my husband 🙂
  • My maid of honors and half the bridesmaids went to the room to decorate while the rest of us went to the rooftop pool bar
  • After my magical entrance into our five-bedroom suite, we wondered around the strip as most of the girls had never been to Las Vegas before. We had lunch and really got to spend time together and see this interesting place.
  • After showering, getting ready and taking an excessive amount of pictures, our party bus picked us up to take us to dinner at Lakeside
  • Then the limo picked us up with lots of champagne to give us an evening tour of the strip before dropping us off at the one and only Thunder Down Under show
  • After the show, we were dropped off at the Cosmo hotel where we had VIP access into Marquee
  • After a long night, we all ended up at the hotel at different times that evening!



  • We woke up to the limo ready out front of the hotel with champagne waiting as usual!
  • We were dropped off at Daylight Beach Club for our VIP private cabana pool party, where we had a private waitress, personal security of our personals and a prepaid credit towards our bill
  • After spending six hours in the sun the party bus took us back to our hotel to get ready for our evening activities
  • We had dinner at the foundation room and ended our night at Light Nightclub, where Rick Ross made a guest appearance and performed



  • To end our amazing trip we went to brunch at one of my favorites, Paris!
  • Everyone had different time flights, so whoever had the red eye out that night with me spent the rest of the day at the roof top pool recovering from an awesome weekend or exploring the strip


Apparel Packing List

When your schedule is laid out perfectly, there is no reason to over pack!


  1. 2 White Dresses for Friday Night + Saturday Night
  2. White jean shorts to wear with your trendy bachelorette shirt
  3. Heels for Friday + Saturday Night
  4. White bathing suit for the pool party
  5. White sandals for the pool party
  6. Bride pajamas (flip flops or slippers for the hotel)
  7. Purse to use for both nights
  8. Travel clothing of your choice

 Bridal Party

  1. 2 black dresses for Friday Night + Saturday Night
  2. jean shorts to wear with your trendy bachelorette shirt
  3. Heels for Friday + Saturday Night
  4. Bathing suit for the pool party
  5. Sandals for the pool party
  6. Pajamas (flip flops or slippers for the hotel)
  7. Purse to use for both nights
  8. Travel clothing of your choice



My maid of honors did an amazing job creating a pink, black, silver and gold theme throughout the entire weekend! They decorated the room before I went in which was so exciting to walk into our suite to custom decor!



Event Planner


As much as you may think you know Las Vegas, working with an event planner out there is extremely helpful because you receive so many more opportunities that you may not have realized. It was a very easy process and I totally recommend this to anyone traveling in a large group! We told the planner exactly what activities we wanted to do, restaurants we wanted to go to and transportation type for the entire weekend. By booking through our planner we received VIP access to all of the clubs, pool parties and shows, and even had our own private driver to and from each event included! There is no fee as the locations pay the planner, but it is up to your desire to give her gratuity for her help. So, when I said the entire weekend was planned down to the minute I wasn’t lying!

(PS we highly recommend you speak with Eunice V she was amazing!)

Shirt Design 


These awesome Bella cropped, flowy tanks were custom designed made with We spent $18 on each shirt!

Screen Shot 2019-05-29 at 11.03.50 PM



It is really important to remember how much money your bridal party is spending to be a part of your bachelorette! They are paying for flights, activities, meals and more. To thank my bridal party for coming all the way to Las Vegas from the east coast I bought them each a water proof, holographic belt bag with their initial on it and a shade of pink bow. This was a great gift because they had the opportunity to use it at the pool party! When we got to the hotel I gave each of them a pink night gown t-shirt that said Bridesmaid or Maid of Honor (I had a white one that said bride!) I also was very appreciative of each of them flying so far and taking off a day off work for this trip so I used my hotel points to get us a five-bedroom suite!!! This really cut down their costs which made it easier to plan more activities and have a hummer limo to take us to every location.

 “Good girls go to heaven; bad girls go to Vegas!” –Anonymous